If you have a new Pixel on the way and are ready to step up your VR game from Google Cardboard, you should head to the Google Store right now to buy a Daydream View headset provided you're in the U.S., UK or Germany. For just $79 you're getting a comfy and simple VR headset that includes a single-handed controller for manipulating the interface and playing games. All it needs is a compatible Daydream phone, which at this point is just the Pixel or Pixel XL but that list will soon be expanding to include more Androids.

Daydream View

Early adopters will have to be happy with the greyish "Slate" color choice, as the other two color options aren't yet available in the Google Store. Orders today are still showing a 2-3 week ship time, which is unfortunate to have us wait even longer, but if you get your order in today you're going to be one of the first to get your hands on one. And if you haven't yet ordered your Pixel but are planning to get in on some virtual reality, make sure you weigh the trade-offs of having a white-fronted phone.

If you're in the U.S. and would prefer to buy from Verizon for whatever reason, you can place your preorder for the Daydream View headset there as well.

Those who pre-ordered a Pixel or Pixel XL in the past two weeks were offered a Daydream View headset for free, but won't be receiving their units for a few weeks still. It seems demand may be outdoing Google's supply of its next-gen virtual reality system.

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