Cyanogen brings it's official apps to CyanogenMod with C-Apps package

If you're a fan of CyanogenMod, but found yourself a little green with envy over the stock apps included with Cyanogen OS smartphones, there's no reason to fret. Cyanogen has announced the Cyanogen Apps Package (C-Apps), a way for CyanogenMod users to load official Cyanogen OS apps onto their smartphones. Here's the breakdown of the features included in the initial C-Apps release:

  • Theme Chooser with per-app theming
  • Theme Store
  • AudioFX
  • Cyanogen Accounts
  • Gallery
  • Dialer with TrueCaller integration
  • Email powered by Boxer

It's important to note that the C-Apps package is being offered as an optional download, so those who don't care to load the apps don't have to. Additionally, the package requires you to be running CyanogenMod version 12.1 in order to load the apps. If you're a CyanogenMod enthusiast and want to grab the C-Apps package, hit up the link below to learn more.

Download C-Apps package for CyanogenMod

Source: Cyanogen