Cut the Rope 2

The Freemium model raises its ugly head once again

Nom nom nom! ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope 2 has made it's way into Google Play. Just like the original, your goal is to feed delicious candy to Om Nom, and collect as many stars along the way as you can. It's hours of fun, and absolutely free to play — sort of.

The gameplay is fun, the puzzles get puzzling sometimes, and it's all a whole lot of fun. Unfortunately, it's fun interrupted by full screen intrusive interstitial ads. On top of that, the in-app purchase model is out in full force and it won't be long before you're prompted to start buying. The original, and the Time-Travel and Experiments sequels both offered paid, full versions for 99-cents, and we hope ZeptoLabs follow suit with this version.

The game mechanics are great, it ties into both Facebook and Google Play Games, and has the potential to be as much of a hit as the previous versions. you'll find the trailer and a handful of screenshots below.