Part of being on the go all the time is learning to deal with delays, and being properly prepared for them. Sometimes you are caught off guard and only have your Android device with you while stuck between locations and at times games just don't cut it. While on the go, TV shows and movies can be far more entertaining then a game, and until just recently there was no way to accomplish watching these on your Android device easily.

Crackle is a great application that allows users to download and watch movies and tv shows right from their device for a small monthly fee. $4.99 will get you one month of unlimited service, $12.99 for three months, and $24.99 for six months of unlimited service. Users can download the free application to browse the selection that is available and then chose to upgrade right from within the application. If you enjoy movies and tv shows, and carry your Android device with you everywhere you go, be sure to check this application out for those times you are stuck with nothing else to do. [Crackle]