CoveritLive app now available in the Android Market

If you've ever tuned into any of our live blogging events here then you'll no doubt know that we use CoveritLive to make the magic happen for them and while the tools given to us by CoveritLive work quite well, it's certainly not a one man operation running a live blog.

That said, the new CoveritLive is now available in the Android Market and for anyone who needs to be bouncing from one press event to the other, this app packs a lot of features to help control any live blogs you may be running in those times. With it you can:

  • Create, launch and run live events
  • Publish live commentary
  • Approve and moderate Reader comments
  • Publish Photos, Audio and Video in real-time
  • Share event link and embed code
  • Place events into Standby Mode
  • End live events
  • View live event listings

As it is, the app isn't without some flaws -- as Phil found out and was deeply saddened by, it doesn't work in landscape mode which limits its use on tablets where it would be most beneficial with a keyboard.

The other isn't really a flaw within the app, rather concept of it -- it of course uses data that relies on a wireless signal, something that is often scarce at press events so don't go firing all your other bloggers thinking you can manage the task on your own now. Have a blog and need to control some live event? Jump on past the break for the download link -- it's free and won't cost you anything but time. [@PaulOBrien]