We would be straight lying to you if we told you guys we don't pay attention to Palm Pre news. Simply put, it's going to be very interesting to see if the smartphone market can sustain so many power players, so keeping an eye on an upcoming competitor is something we have to do. So you could imagine our surprise when we heard that development on porting Android over to the Palm Pre was in the works and theoretically possible. Because well if the Palm Pre could run Android--that'd be a freaking sweet Android device!

The fine folks at PreCentral.net have connected the dots for us. The processor in the Pre is a OMAP3430 from Texas Instruments. There has been ongoing development on porting Android to the OMAP 3 System. The Palm Pre's processor is based on OMAP 3. So yeah, the stars do line up for this to be possible.

What would be necessary? A 2 stage bootloader, the linux kernel, and android filesystem and not to mention the countless drivers needed to get everything in working order. It'll be a tough task to get Android on a Palm Pre but at the moment, it certainly looks possible.