Android Central app

We'll be the first to admit this has taken far longer than we would have liked, but it's finally happening. The Android Central App (erm, AC App for Android) — all the Mobile Nations Android apps, actually — is finally getting a Material Design refresh. That's all the news and reviews and opinions and podcasts and videos you've come to love in our current app, but with a fresh coat of paint.

Actually, that's underselling it a bit.

We've hooked up with Google Developer Expert Mike Wolfson — you may remember when we appeared on the pre-Google I/O episode of All About Android together — for a multi-stage reworking of our code. We still have some much-needed functionality to add in (in-app search, anyone?) and a few more Material details to work out, and you'll no doubt note that we're missing a few obvious places for things like Floating Action Buttons. One step at a time.

So, soon — today, probably — we'll push out a version of the reworked app to our beta group. And once that soaks a few days we'll push it out to production, all proper like. And that's when things will get really fun. We're going to get the inside scoop from Mike on exactly what goes in to reworking a million-plus-downloads app for Material Design via a blog post or two, and look for a special-edition podcast as well. I think we're all going to learn something from this one.

I'll update y'all again on our progress when we're getting ready to roll things out all the way. Stay tuned!