Although the XFinity Mobile app was released quite some time ago, that doesn't mean Comcast is done with its Android offerings. The latest addition, XFinity TV, is now available in the Android Market and has some changes over the XFinity Mobile app. Most notably, the new app works as a DVR remote rather then just a scheduling tool for your DVR selections.

Take note though -- neither the Samsung Nexus S nor Android 2.3 are compatible with the app. So if you're using an Android 2.3-based device or possibly even a ROM built off of Android 2.3, you can pretty much count this one out. As I was advised by Jerry to tell you all that he still can't use it, and for that he wants to beat someone until his arms are tired. Neck beards get no love, I tell ya -- none at all. Download after the break folks. Thanks, Mark for sending this in.