Although there is quite a few options for controlling your Google TV out there already, such as the included remote or any one of the numerous apps in the Google Play Store not all of them work they way some folks want or how they wish to use their Google TV. For me personally, I like to have my Google TV fired up and on when I'm writing up posts as I sit in front of my laptop. The included remote isn't all that great for this and an app would mean picking up my smartphone every now and then and messing around with it. Granted, I'm likely doing that anyhow but that's kind of the point. I have other things on my phone to be doing than controlling my Google TV with it.

Luckily, a new project is under way by a fellow named Robert Smith. His project is called Chromemote and the premise behind is that it allows you to control your Google TV right from within as you may have guessed already, Google Chrome. Chromemote is an extension available for Google Chrome in the Chrome Web Store and in Robert's own words, he is what you can expect from Chromemote:

This will enable any device running a Google Chrome browser or the Google Chrome OS to have complete control over any Google TV device. With Chromemote you will be able to use your notebook's keyboard and touchpad to control your Google TV. Chromemote is designed to have the look and feel of the original Google TV Remote app for Android, but has been expanded to allow a multitude of new features. Chromemote will allow you to rearrange buttons and create custom buttons tailored for your home entertainment system.

Sure enough, after installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store and entering my secure PIN, I was up and running with Chromemote and able to control my aging Logitech Revue all from my MacBook Pro with ease. Other functions such as turning my TV off and on also worked rather flawlessly as well, so I'm starting to think I may have found a pretty decent solution to my remote control problem. If you have a Google TV and are looking for a better way to control it, then I'd say Chromemote is certainly worth a look.

Source: Chromemote, via: GigaOm