Blockbuster has finally unleashed its Android application (see our hands-on) to the masses. Whether traveling, hanging out, or just in the mood to rent and watch a movie, the Blockbuster application will allow you to do so, right from your handset, and you also can purchase the movie. Also available built-in on the Droid X, the Blockbuster application also integrates with the Blockbuster On Demand service, so you are able to resume a movie you were watching from any other device with Blockbuster On Demand. There are no monthly fees associated with the application, just the rental and purchasing costs of the movies, which leads me to ask, why is this not already installed on your device? Hit the jump for the download information.

Update: The good folks at Blockbuster got in contact with us, and there's been a bit of a snafu.  The app wasn't supposed to be made available for all devices just yet.  The application gets optimized for each device by working with the OEM's and carriers, and we were assured that Blockbuster is in the process of getting the application optimized for other devices.  In the meantime, the app has been unpublished from the market and is once again only available for the Droid X.