The Blerg

I've recently pared down the number of podcasts to which I'm subscribed. (We'll discuss the reason for that at a later date.) But one that I'm absolutely glad I've kept — and it's a podcast that's still in its infancy — is The Blerg, from app developer Chris Lacy. You know him from Action Launcher, of course, as well as Link Bubble and Tap Path — which he recently sold — and from the fan-favorite Tweet Lanes Twitter app.

I actually don't listen to too many Android-specific podcasts. It's sort of the last thing I usually want to listen to while I'm doing yard work or helping to clean the house or whatever. I do enough Android during the week. And at other times on the weekend. So it's nice to just let the brain rest a bit. (Sometimes I do like to confuse my non-developer melon a bit, however, with Android Developers Backstage. That's an entirely different deep dive, and I don't mind admitting I don't understand half of what's being said.) Chris, however, has brought app development to a level that even I can understand.

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You learn less about how apps work and more about the people side of the equation. Why some things get prioritized over others. How bugs get triaged. How criticism is digested. Listen to a couple episodes and you'll absolutely get a better sense for the process as a whole, and you're reminded that there are people behind the apps we love and complain about every day. It ain't easy, and it has definitely made me want to spend more money on good apps. And Chris does it from one developer to another in a way that I certainly couldn't.

Give The Blerg a listen. You'll come out better for it.

Listen: The Blerg from Chris Lacy