Big Android BBQ

Everyone knows about Google's annual developer conference, but not everyone can get a ticket and head out to San Francisco to be there live. That's one of many reasons the folks at IDEAA host a unique blend of developer and social event in several places around the world every year. It started out as just the Big Android BBQ in Texas every year, but has rapidly grown to a series of global events where people can share knowledge and enjoy some good food together.

We're just starting to enter 2016, but the folks at IDEAA have announced dates for 3 of the 7 events they are hosting or supporting around the world this year.

Mark your calendars and come on out.

Starting off in March, if you're anywhere near Edinburgh, Scotland you can check out March of the Droids on March 18-19. Moving to April 9 there's the second Big Android Meat and Greet in Alexandria, VA. The main event, the Big Android BBQ, is going to stay at the other end of the calendar once again. If you're able to plan a trip to Dallas, Texas on October 21-22, you probably want to start doing so.

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There's several other events being planned for the year, and you can check them out on the IDEAA website. Currently there are no dates for the other events, and while we still don't know much about ticket prices for the non-free parts of each of these events the folks at IDEAA promise to have more information soon. In the mean time, mark your calendars and come on out. Chances are you'll see more than a few of us at these events.