Automatic, a smart driving assistant for your car, has finally come to Android. The app, which has been available to iOS users for quite some time, was rolling along in beta for the last few months but is now available to all in Google Play. Our friends over at iMore reviewed Automatic not two weeks ago, finding it a potentially useful app and device combo, if in need of some improvements.

If you haven't heard of Automatic before, it's essentially a link from your car to your smartphone. A small dongle (aptly called the Automatic Link) plugs into your car's OBD-II port and connects to your phone over Bluetooth. The app then gives you feedback on your driving — things like rough braking, rapid acceleration and of course speeding. There's also a drive score to help you improve on things like gas mileage, a trip timeline for keeping tracking of when and where you are, and a Crash Alert which can send notifications to loved one should something unfortunate happen.

The Automatic app is free, but it won't do you any good without the $99 Link unit which works on most US vehicles made after 1996. If you want to deep-dive into your driving habits however, there's no better way.