Just in time for the next version, KitKat hits 25 percent

Google has released the latest platform version numbers today. The biggest news is that devices running KitKat have finally reached the one-quarter mark, just a few weeks away from an expected release of yet another new version. While this doesn't matter nearly as much as some folks make it out to — thanks Google Play Services — numbers are numbers and this pretty much looks like any open-source project would look when everyone is doing their own thing with the code.

For the period ending September 9, 2014, all the devices that have pinged Google Play in the last month break down like this:


  • Froyo: 0.7-percent. Die already, damn you.
  • Gingerbread: 11.4-percent.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich: 9.6-percent.
  • Jelly Bean: A whopping 53.8-percent.
  • KitKat: 24.5-percent.

As we move forward, KitKat will grow, everything else will shrink, and the new "L" version will check in with single digits soon enough and stay that way for a while.

Source: Google