comScore Market Share

Samsung holds a strong first place in the Android manufacturer numbers with 22-percent of all mobile devices sold

Industry analyst comScore has just released its market share numbers for the U.S. mobile industry, reminding us that Android is still dominant in the states, as is Samsung when it comes to the sale of Android handsets. For the three month period spanning from the end of January to the end of April, Android's market share dipped slightly by 0.3-percentage points to 52-percent of the mobile market -- trailed by Apple at 39.2-percent, up 1.4-percentage points. Adding up to less than 10-percent together are BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian, naturally.

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comScore Market Share

On the manufacturer side, Apple is still king in terms of individual manufacturer market share, naturally with 39.2-percent of the market (as it is the only manufacturer of iOS devices). Trailing notably is Samsung, with a solid 22-percent share, up 0.6-percentage points. Rounding out the top five are HTC (8.9-percent), Motorola (8.3-percent) and LG (6.7-percent), as you would expect. There should be no surprises here, as Samsung continues to take off as the leading manufacturer of Android devices in every shape, size, name and variation.

Source: comScore

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