You ever get a call from someone you really don't feel like talking to at the moment and decide that you'll just let it go to voicemail and wait and see if they leave a message? I know I do. In fact, I really dislike talking on the phone so I tend to do it a lot. That habit of mine used to make checking my voicemail rather annoying as well. Especially after letting 5-6 messages build in there.

So instead of actually, you know answering calls I decided I'd switch to a visual voicemail service and make it a lot easier on myself. I decided to go with YouMail. Read on after the break for a quick run down of what YouMail is all about.

The basis of YouMail is that it intercepts your voicemail messages and transfers callers to YouMail. Upon installing the app, providing some basic information such as your name and phone number and also an email address you're pretty much set up. Any calls that come into your device that go unanswered will be transferred to YouMail and then the messages will be displayed on your device visually.

If you're wishing to explore deeper in the application you can certainly do so. Options for notification settings are also included in the app as you can choose to get a text or when a voicemail is received or just use the regular status bar notifications.

One final feature of YouMail that I found great was the ability to create your own custom greetings. Setting those up is easy, just open the preferences and select "Create Greeting" and save it.  Yes, you can do this on your carriers services as well but then you lose out on the other benefits of YouMail.

All in all, for a free application YouMail is a pretty awesome alternative to regular voicemail. It makes checking voicemails so much easier, especially if you're a person that let's them build up before checking them. YouMail is available now in the Android Market.