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We're finally starting to see in influx of proper Honeycomb-optimized Twitter clients, and Plume has thrown itself into the mix in an open beta.

You've got your standard three-pane system going on, with your timeline on the left, mentions (or @replies) in the middle, and direct messages (DMs) on the right. But you can reorder those columns as you see fit.

Plume has support for multiple accounts out of the box, which those of us who use multiple accounts are pretty happy to see. You can view all of your accounts in one big stream, or one at a time. (We'd love the ability to customize each pane by account. For instance, have all of your mentions to come in one pane, but localize the Twitter timeline to single account.

There are the usual link shorteners, image handlers and previews, all made better by Honeycomb's "fragments." You can also view profiles and mute people -- just like in the smartphone version. Even in beta form, it looks like Plume's going to be a strong addition to Honeycomb's Twitter stable.

Download: Plume beta