We've seen and heard Google talk about fragments (the good kind) and multipane screens for apps, but the dearth of tablet-centric applications on the Android Market leaves us wanting.  I was cruising our forums the other night and came across Newsr.  I had to have a look, and I'm glad I did.  It's the perfect Google Reader client for a Honeycomb tablet.  It makes excellent use of fragments and panes, giving you the website experience with the speed and convenience of a dedicated app.  There's not a lot to say here -- it looks and works exactly how it should.  There are three panes, one with a list of feeds or tags, one with the list of articles, and one with the content.  It's what Google should (and probably will, one day) do for a Google Reader client.  All the media plays in the content pane, sharing is easy, and navigation is simple and intuitive.  If you're the type that reads news on the web, you need to have a look at Newsr for your Honeycomb tablet.  It requires Android 3.0 or higher, and you can find it on the Market for $2.99.  A short video and download links are after the break.  [via Android Central forums]

  [video:http://youtu.be/keKbUjsXAKQ align:center width:560 height:349]YouTube link for mobile viewing

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