Ever try to make plans with a group of friends, and have to send the same message to all of them, only to have to reply with the same answers to all of them? Wouldn't it be much easier if you were able to just text one number, and have it go to all of your friends, creating a group SMS message? The folks at GroupMe had the same idea, and they have released an application that will do just that; make it easy and effective for people to SMS with a group of people.

Simply launch the application, search your contacts for the people you wish to be in the group, create the group, and boom, you are assigned a number. This number is the one that will be used to send messages to, and all the people in that group will receive them, and be able to reply to it, making planning events a piece of cake. Additionally, not only are you able to send SMS but you can call that number as well, which creates a conference call between all of your friends in that group. If you are looking for a free, yet extremely simple and effective way to communicate with a group of friends, you will want to head into the Android market, and check out GroupMe. If you have friends on BlackBerry devices, be sure to let them know it has just gone into beta for them. Download information after the break.