Whether constantly on the go in new areas that you are not familiar with, or just looking for a new place to dine or how expensive the gas around you is, many of us want access to all this information with one simple click. Dex Mobile is a rather new application that is available in the Android Market free of charge that allows users to collect all this information, and more with just one simple click.


Upon entering the application you will see a semi-circle interface that scrolls from left to right with various categories that locations are broken down into. Also shown on the home screen are the top 3 rated locations of each category for users to be able to quickly access. In addition to the name of the location there is a one click dialer for the location, along with direct visibility to their phone number. After clicking on a location name you are able to see the name, address, phone number as well as any ratings that have been left for that location. Once you find a place, and decide you wish to venture to their address, simply click the location name and then the directions button, and you will be navigated to them.


After checking out the location users can go back into the application and leave their very own review of the location with comments based on their experience, which will help others who are looking for recommendations in the future. This application is free in the Android Market, and it is a great alternative to applications such as Where, Yelp, Poynt or any of the other location based service of its kind.