While most users may be familiar with Clockr, the minimalistic time display application a lot of you may not have heard of Calendr yet. Calendr offers the same minimalistic approach as Clockr with the difference being that it's used to display your calendar events rather than the time.

Calendr, while pretty basic in function is still a nice widget to have placed on your homescreen if you need to be unobtrusively reminded of upcoming events ahead of time. Events will be displayed up to one week prior and will only display the information you enter in and nothing more. You'll also find Calendr very light on battery usage as it only updates the display once a day or when a new entry is added. Custom options include font size, color adjustments as well as background and alignment options so that you may customize it anyway you wish.

Calendr is now available for free but keep in mind it only works with the default Android calendar. If you are making use of the HTC calendar or the Moto calendar this will not work.