If you are like me, and are easily amused, Aces Traffic Pack is a game that is bound to keep you busy for hours on end. After spending just two minutes with this game I instantly knew I was going to be hooked, and was very thankful that the game came with over 400 different puzzles to play through. The graphics instantly caught my attention, the vibrant colors used on the game brought it to the next level and set it apart from many other puzzle-style games.

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In this game you have a goal of getting an assigned car out of its "parking space" and getting it to the exit in as few moves as possible. The levels start off very easy, taking only 2 or 3 moves to get the car to the exit, but as they progress the difficulty certainly increases and some of these levels require some deep thought. The cars continually change direction in each level, and various levels place the exit areas in different locations, all of which help keep the puzzles entertaining and set each level aside from the previous.


Between the extremely realistic graphics, and the over 400 different puzzles that are included, this game is certainly a must have for any Android device. For only $2.99 in the Android Market you are not only buying yourself a new game, but entertainment for days as you continue to attempt to move your way through all the levels.