Android figurines

As part of our Android History series, we jumped into a Hangout on Air with a couple of developers who have been creating things for Android from very nearly the beginning of the platform. Apps are an enormous part of what makes Android so popular, and the way users interact with developers and their creations has changed dramatically from the early days of Android.

To get a good sense of what Android has been like from the early days and how that has changed for developers over the years, we sat down with Chris Lacy, Joe Braidwood, and Koushik Dutta. Chris Lacy is responsible for several great apps, starting first with TweetLanes and his larger success with Action Launcher. Joe Braidwood is now the Chief Marketing Officer for SwiftKey, and he's been a big part of SwiftKey's interaction with Android from the beginning. Koush is known for more technical apps like ClockworkMod and Helium backup, but most recently has been working on Vysor for Android.

Check out the hour-long interview below, and be sure to check out our History of Android project for more!