One of the cooler applications on the iPhone, Bump, has found its way to Android. If you've never heard of Bump before, it's okay for now, but the potential of the application and the all-around cool factor is definitely worth remembering. Bump allows you to share contact information and photos between two phones just by 'bumping' (tapping) them together. It's an uber-quick way to exchange phone numbers and pretty much genius in its execution, you'll definitely wonder how come it doesn't come stock on all phones after you use it.

All you have to do is fire up the app and you'll be 'bumping' in no time. As Bump grows in popularity, it'll become even more useful because people you bump into at coffee shops, meetings, conferences, etc. can just 'bump' you their information just as easily. The best thing is that the Android 'Bump' works with the iPhone 'Bump'--Bump is cross-platform. Go download it in Android Market and get to bumping!