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With Google I/O out of the way, and two new Nexus devices and a new version of Android to look forward to, let's take a moment to check back over the past couple week's worth of international Android news.

Google's first Jelly Bean tablet, the Nexus 7, is the new hotness in the Android world, and the big international news was that Google will sell the device outside of the U.S. In the UK and a handful of other European countries, the Nexus 7 will be offered through the Google Play Store. And it gets better -- the UK price is set at just £159, offering staggering value, even if some Google Play services aren't yet available outside of the U.S.

As the North American Galaxy S III launch continued, we learned that lucky consumers in South Korea will get the mother of all Galaxy S III variants, featuring a quad-core CPU, LTE connectivity and a whopping 2GB of RAM. The device will launch on KT, SK Telecom and LG U+ from July 9th, and has every chance of emulating the Korean success of its predecessor.

Review-wise, we took the Orange San Diego for a spin, and found the first Intel phone for Western markets to be technically sound, if a little lacking in terms of design and overall polish. (Granted, shipping with Gingerbread doesn't do the device any favors) In any case, it seems Intel has a strong platform upon with to build when it enters the market in full force later this year. You'll also want to check out Jerry's full review of the Nexus 7, if you're thinking of picking one up.

Check out some highlights from the past fortnight of international Android developments below. If you've got news, be sure to tip us at the usual address.

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