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A quick update, folks, on the state of the official Android Central app: We are still here!

We've taken a little bit of time away to break in a new developer, which is why we've been a little absent for the past few months. But we're happy to report that we're once again back in the development process. And that starts today with a new update that fixes a longstanding crash that would occur when you'd open a story from somewhere else (a Twitter link, Facebook, etc.) and then head straight into the comments. We've also tweaked a couple things visually.

But more important is that, yes, we're hard at work on completely new, Material Design-inspired version of the app. All the stories you know and love and news you've come to expect. All the discussion from our more than 2 million members in the forums. Videos. Podcasts. Contests. None of that's going anywhere.

So thanks again for your patience, and for all your feedback. And thanks for making our app what it is, and what it's going to become. Stay tuned!

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