In the good 'ol U.S. of A., our legal system provides that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, otherwise known as presumption of innocence. But just as fast as you can type "maliciously maligned MemoryUp", the Internet can be used to defame before due process.

Earlier we posted that some were having problems with MemoryUp, an app from Peter Liu. Apparently this all started with a article with claims that Android Market reviewers had blamed MemoryUp for all kinds of problems, ranging from spam email and deleted SD cards to installation of adware and removing contacts.

Google has heard the cries of "foul!" and has examined MemoryUp more closely, and they conclude, "We have investigated and determined that MemoryUp is not malware. In the versions we tested, MemoryUp cannot perform any of the malicious things it is reported to have done."

It would be a shame if developer Peter Liu and his app were being unfairly and unjustly maligned, but in the event you want to give this app a try, I recommend backing up your G1. It's always a good idea to back up your phone's content on a regular basis, especially if you are installing unfamiliar software. Have YOU tried MemoryUp? If so, what's your take?