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The Android Market's better than ever, returning search results not only for apps, but for books and movies, too. Here's a handy tip to jump from one section to another. By default, you should see results for all of the sections. Tap into a section, you'll only see those results. Books for books, apps for apps, etc. Once you're in a section's results, try tapping where we've circled the picture above. You'll get an option to jump to the books results, or movies results, or back to the full search. Handy!

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Android 101: Search for more than just apps


Is there a way to get the new Android market on a Sprint phone? I have the EVO 3D and I have the old market.

I have the newest Android Market (3.1.5) and your tip doesn't work for me in the Netherlands.
Thank you, Phil, for sharing!

I'm learning via these Android 101 articles more about my Android phone. I'm glad I joined your site a while back.

Thanks, nick.

Have same problem as the first poster. HTC Inspire (ATT) and have the old market still. Wife even has new market on her Atrix (ATT too)

Have the new market on my Nexus but the old one on the Evo. The new market - though visually better - is quite buggy still. I am content with the old version on my Evo for now.

I want the old one back. When I do a search it comes back with 4,600 results for instance. It only shows ONE page (like 20) results. I can't find a setting that says "Show All" results anywhere.

Heh... I guess it is a case of "The Grass is Greener on the Other Side". Those of us without the update want it and those that have the update don't want it.

In addition to the search issues you described - which I also experience - I've found that it recurrently marks apps for update that actually have no update availble. The only way to clear those is to clear the app data and force close it... quite annoying.

Since the *new* market hit my Nexus, I am using AppBrain almost exclusively.

Old market here as well. When the hell are they going to update it across the board? HTC Sensation user here.

As a new user, I found the old App Market wonderfully easy to use. I accidentally go updated and am less pleased with it. Has a lot of hype. It really is too busy and is therefore distracting.