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Since Android 4.2 started getting into peoples hands, whichever device it may be on, the Amazon Appstore has been experiencing an extremely irritating bug. Whatever happens, the Appstore application would log you out of its own accord forcing a re-login to use. Worse still, according to several Android Central Forums users, each login would add another authorized device to your overall list. 

Says forums member oshogg:

I also noticed that everytime you log into the app- it adds a new device in your list of Android Devices associated with Amazon store. This will quickly fill up the max # of devices that you can have.

This is extremely frustrating for users on 2 fronts, but, a fix is at hand. Notifications started going out today of a "critical update" to the Amazon Appstore which among other things promises a fix for the Android 4.2 login issue. 

There's a smattering of other features included, such as generic bug fixes and stability improvements, the ability to remove apps from My Apps with a long press, a fix for a battery drain bug some were experiencing and an update to the user interface. It looks pretty much the same as it did before though, so it's not a big UI update. 

The update is pushing out now, so if you haven't seen the OTA notification yet, head into Settings>Version and Release Notes and hit check for update. Some users have reported better results having uninstalled completely and re-downloaded the app directly from Amazon for a fresh install. Whichever you do, be sure to sound off in the comments below or head on into the forums thread and let us know if the issues you were experiencing have been fixed. 

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