Amazon Appstore


We first got a hint of an International launch of the Amazon Appstore back in September of last year. Back then though, it turned out to be some kind of huge error on the part of Amazon, and access was soon revoked to anyone outside the US. If the latest rumors are to be believed however, Europe could finally be receiving official access as soon as this summer. 

Sources familiar with the matter have been speaking to the guys over at AllThingsD. And, while timing is a little vague at this moment in time, Amazon are apparently to announce plans next week over accepting app submissions from developers. 

The bigger question this poses -- will it be followed by a European launch of the Kindle Fire? While it is accepted that the Amazon Appstore monetizes well for developers, without the Kindle Fire following, many consumers will see little reason to use it aside from the daily free app. After all, Google Play offers up not only apps, but also books and movies too. Europe doesn't currently benefit from any of the Amazon online content services aside from the MP3 store, so we'll have to wait for the relevant deals to be done before there is any sniff of the Fire emerging. Bringing the Appstore could well be the first step though. 

Source: AllThingsD