App developers and website owners now have a simple way to authenticate users with their existing Amazon account

Amazon announced today that it is joining the single sign-on game with a new service called "Login with Amazon" that will let users sign into other sites with their existing Amazon credentials. Similarly to the service offered by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, Amazon is extending the functionality to app developers and website owners to integrate on their products and make it easier for users to authenticate without making a new login and password for that specific property. Users can choose what parts of their account to share with each authenticated app or site, and can quickly get started with a new service without any extra hassle.

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As is the case with the other single sign-on providers, it's in Amazon's best interest to have as many people signed in and ready to shop at any given point. So as you would expect, Login with Amazon is available to developers at no charge, and according to Amazon is extremely easy to implement. Based on early trials with its subsidiaries Zappos and Woot, Amazon saw a high amount of engagement with the new Amazon sign-on compared to other social logins. Will you be more willing to use Amazon as a sign-on at a new app or website than another service such as Google+? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Amazon

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