HBO's famed show about the Silicon Valley has officially aired its last episode for the season, but don't fret! There's an app available to help tide you over until the next season.

That's right, Jian-Yang's venerable Not Hotdog app is in the Google Play Store. It's ridiculous, and it doesn't do much save for identifying if whether or not what you have in your midst is a hot dog.

I don't currently have any hot dogs or hot dog-shaped meats of any sort in the refrigerator, so there was no way for me to test the actual efficacy of this particular app. However, it did successfully identify that my salad was not a hot dog. And it was then that I realized genuine sorrow, as it hung over me like the thick smoke emanating from Erlich Bachman's combusted palapa. For you see, you don't make friends with salad.

Perhaps the best part of the app is the comments and reviews that accompany it. For instance, I'm extremely curious about whether the one person who voted with one star was aware that this was a gag. Anyway, the app is only a mere 15MB on Android, and it's available for your iPhone-using pals, too.

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