Adobe is making sure its suite of extremely popular apps have a smooth transition to Chromebooks with an announcement today that it's optimizing many for the laptop form factor. Updates to the Android apps will come in the next few weeks with various under-the-hood optimizations for use on Chromebooks that will make the apps run smooth just like on any phone or tablet.

Adobe is optimizing its most popular Android apps for Chromebooks

The apps included in this optimization effort are Photoshop Mix, Lightroom Mobile, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Comp CC and Creative Cloud Mobile — just about all of the Adobe apps you'd want to use at this point. Adobe isn't explaining exactly what's being improved on the back end to make these apps run better on Chromebooks, but we won't turn down any acknowledgement from a big company that native apps on Chromebooks are important.

Adobe is rolling out these changes and illustrating their importance in the education market, but of course anyone can use these apps on their Chromebook to help further their creative efforts. You can install the various Adobe apps from the links above, and when the updates arrive they'll be loaded up on your Chromebook and ready to go.