Zipcar, the popular metro-based car loaner company, has let slip via its Twitter account that there is finally an Android app in the works. Fun the uninitiated, Zipcar's an easier alternative to buying or even traditionally renting a car. There has been a very nice app on the iOS side which allows users to reserve cars on-the-go, unlock them and much more. 

No time frame for when the app is expected to be released, but knowing it's on the way is great news for heavy Zipcar users. [Twitter] Thanks, BSG75!


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Zipcar Android app in the works


It's about time. I have been pinging them about this for a good while about an Adroid app. It just seems dumb for so many companies, particularly those that provide services, to treat Android apps with such a cavalier "we'll get around to it eventually" mentality.

Great if you live near near one of their car stashes (which usually means central city only) and don't mind showing up for a date with a Ghetto logo on your car.

Some of the higher end cars don't have the logo (at least in Philadelphia).

I couldn't care less. I'm not trying to impress anyone with my car...I'm trying to get from A to B.

Glad to see a native app finally. The mobile website is well done and very functional, but a native app is so much better!