Mom sexts with BBM

No, BlackBerry. Just ... no.


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Your mom's in the mood, and apparently using BBM



But there so DISGUSTING. Id rather have cap'n crunch.

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Me too!

We should make a podcast called crunch talk!

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Silly ugly bags of mostly water.

(Bonus if you get the reference)

EDIT: ...And Brendilon beat me to it. Doh!

this just feels very canadian - tacky and out of touch.

just like their lame "keep on loving you" video and super bowl commercial.

i'm still betting on this miserable company to vanish in 2014 or be broken up.

That's a little harsh. Can't we all just get along?
And FYI Canada is ranked higher in education than us.

Tacky and out of touch? Really? Uneducated morons like you are who gives Americans a bad name. If it wasn't for Canada, your Super Power of a Country would be NOTHING.
Would you care to know what Canada does for you? Let's see. Largest percent of Oil, Water, Lumber, Electricity, Diamonds, Meat, and the list goes on. If we closed our borders to you, you'd be SCREWED! Mind you, I am sure you would bully your way in with your quantity versus quality military. As that's what the USA does whenever they feel the slightest bit threatened, it's also why every other Country HATES your blinder wearing, brainwashed Country.
I understand you feel that because you are from the good ol' U S of A. that you don't feel it necessary to educate yourself about your neighbors, but in doing so, you may sound like less of a moron the next time you make a negative comment against Canada.

Although I agree with the fact that I don't think our friend thought out his comment... you didn't have to bury him with your post lol

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So, let me get this straight:

You want him to stop bashing Canada, and in your reply, you start bashing the US?

Have you lost your mind?

FYI, there's a way to get your point across, without stooping to the level of the person you're replying to.

Well you have to admit were pretty dumb.

Most of us, at least.

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With all due respect I am proud to be Canadian. We are so universally liked that I have met Americans while backpacking in South America who had Canadian flags sewn onto their backpacks knowing they would be better received.

Not many countries can say they have foreigners pretending to be from them because they are so well liked.

Oh Canada!

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I'm glad, that you're proud to be Canadian! There's nothing wrong with having pride in where you're from. But, as you've done in your post, it's possible to express that pride WITHOUT attacking/bashing other countries!

It's not that you're nice... it's that you're so non-threatening and weak! (I keed! I keed! We ALL fear the might of the Canadian military establish..... Muahahahahaha! Sorry... couldn't keep a straight face there.)

Seriously, I love Canucks. You guys are great, eh?

Besides the fact that his post is (mostly) inaccurate.

Go ahead and hate on the U.S. We are still the most charitable and generous country per capita in the world. Our government has flaws, but if you're going to point that finger, you better be looking to Ottawa first!

My point is, that it's fine to be proud of your country. That's as it should be! That said, it's no reason to be bashing your friendly neighbors over one or two jackasses, which can be found in any country, even Canada. If we are going to start finding fault, then fault can also be found anywhere, it doesn't matter what country you're looking at. End of the day, we are all flawed people, and our man-made institutions will reflect that. I still believe the heart of the American people still means well, despite the missteps, just as I believe the heart of the Canadian people means well.


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Hey as long as you keep the Maple leafs, you can close the boarders. I am pretty sure that we can manage :-)

The same military that engages in joint operations with the Canadian military all the time. We sailed on a 6 month deployment with a Canadian ship when I wss in the navy (H.M.S. Regina). Their sailors were good people, generous, etc. We ended up transferring a large amount of fresh water to them, because our water purification system (on a 30+ year old ship) was better quality and more reliable than theirs. So, quantity vs. quality is not accurate. So what? We are on the same side, and if the reverse were true, they would have done the same for us.

Sounds like the Greek play of Oedipus where he find out his Queen wife is actually his mother. And by then he already had 4 children with her. LMAO.

I'm not sure there is much of a marketing dept left after all the layoffs and changes...

This would indicate that's right.

I need therapy after seeing that and it wasn't even my parents

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Okay, "Mom this is why I'm always saying learn how to use your smartphone. It's does more than make calls and texts".

Now mom has the sad face, because she knows that you are right and she knows that she isn't as smart and tech-savvy as she thought.

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Are you guys ever going to post an article about the renewed Apple/Samsung alwsuits? Or about King (Candy Crush maker) trying to trademark the word "Candy" in apps so nobody else can use the word "Candy" in their name? Or about how they've started going after companies that use "Saga" in their name?
AC is by far my preferred Android news portal, but lately I've noticed you guys missing a lot of stuff while you're busy posting stupid tweets by BB or yet another 'smart'watch article.

King defending its trademark (right or wrong) isn't really an Android story. And we haven't written a thing about smartwatches in five days (and it's been longer than that since we wrote anything substantive).

I know which one I'd rather read about though. :p

So two old things that no one uses anymore and are practically dead are doing a commercial together?

Perfect synergy

Not sure how this is supposed to get people to join.

"Hey you young hip and groovy folks, how'd you like to join a messaging service where your mom can contact you at any time and know when you've ignored her messages about doing your dad? Wait, come back!"

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lol. Mommy & Daddy needs playtime as well! But the kids wish to keep on pretending like they came from the Stork!

WTF!!!!! No Stork!!! Next you'll be saying there is no Santa, Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!! I want my mommy! Oh wait, isn't that what this is all about??

Nice and objective article. Moms who use BlackBerry can send mis-texts. Pretty sure this happens on all platforms and i don't see how this is at all a bbm problem. What if i got a naked picture of your mom on google hangouts, shall i post it and post Android No! I expect better articles out of the people Kevin Hired.

When did it become a point of mocking? When BlackBerry put itself in that position.

Its not like we havent made fun of most other OEMs. BlackBerry is just giving us an uncontested layup on this one.

+1 lol

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