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I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, if you don't have action launcher, your a terrible person.

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Nothing against Action because I've never tried it, but once I used Nova I was done looking.

Action launchers way of using folders is amazing, it really needs to be at least tried. Plus if you are a widget guy, you can just have the app icon on the home screen and swipe up on it to see it's widget. Makes the home screen user tidy.

Your dumb if this makes you mad.

Same here, I tried quite a few launchers & when I found Nova, I was so satisfied & happy with it, I ended the search.

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Action launcher has 100,000+ installs. The pro key has 50,000+. But that requires the free action launcher to be installed. So therefore 100,000 plus.

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I'm confused. If 50,000 people installed the pro key wouldn't they already be counted on the free version because they'd need the base?

Well yeah. But its still two different "apps" technically that have their own counts. Basically, the total amount of action launcher downloads can be tallied from just the free version.

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No, that just means the other billion android people are terrible, and by the way the forums look, I would say there are only about 100,000 good people.

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