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Feature to roll out over the next couple of weeks

Google finally transitioned from the solid black bar at the top of all of its sites to using more of an "app launcher" style approach, and just like on your Android you can now organize the Google Bar to your liking. What used to require a third-party extension is now easily done natively by simply clicking and dragging the icons in the app launcher to whatever view you'd like.

When you click an icon you'll also notice the window expand so you can choose to swap or expand the list with slightly less-popular Google services. If you're looking for something extra obscure you can even click "Even more from Google" and add services like Google Scholar or Orkut to your app launcher. It's such a simple change that it's hard to think that this wasn't included in the initial rollout, but at least it's available now.

Google says it could take a couple weeks for you to see it, so keep an eye on your Google Bar for the change going forward.

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Reader comments

You can now customize the Google Bar layout on Google pages


This is great but I can't figure out how to add any products in the "Even More" category.

The Google page describing this change says the following:
"You can also add Google products you use that don’t appear in the “More” section. Just go to the product you’d like to add and open the App launcher, and you’ll see a prompt to add it as an app."

However when I go to "Even More", and click on Scholar, I no longer see the App launcher at the top of the screen.

How do I REALLY go about adding the "obscure" apps to the app launcher?