New information collected by the Yahoo Aviate app shows that a typical Android device has an average of 95 apps installed, but that only 35 of them are actually used each day.

The Yahoo Aviate app offers users collections of their installed Android apps based on different types of activities and times. Yahoo collected the anonymous data from the users of those apps to come up with their statistics. The results show that Android users interact with apps on an average of 100 times a day and that up to six apps an hour are accessed at peak hours usually during the late afternoon.


Yahoo's data also shows what catagorie of apps are used most in a day. For example, transportation-based apps are used the most around 8 am and 5 pm, which is also the normal time people commute to and from work. Weather apps are used most during the morning and evening hours, according to Yahoo, and finance apps get the most use in the morning hours.

The statistics also show the use of more specific apps. For example, phone and SMS apps are used most during work hours, while clock apps are used the most at night or early morning, perhaps because Android users are setting their alarms for the next day. Google Maps tends to see a peak of access near the end of the day, and Facebook usage goes up steadily during the day, with a boost in the late evening as people get home.

What do you think of this Android app usage data from Yahoo?

Source: Yahoo Aviate


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Yahoo Aviate data shows 95 apps are installed on the average Android device


If someone knocks on your door and you let them in (permissions) then don't be surprised when they notice your strange teddy bear collection. It's not nosy, it's the data you're providing.

Actually, except for Internet connection there is no need to have any other permission to get&send information about the installed apps of your device.
It's a basic feature, as apps on Android are supposed to be able to know of each other and communicate with each other.
However, in order to get which apps are running, you need to have some permissions, or being a launcher, and this app is both of them...

Aviate being one of 'em. The carriers and the OEMs always try to tell you that their apps don't really take up much space, but when you add them all up together it's a good chunk. On my Note alone I have over 40 unremovable applications disabled.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Well since I'm a developer, I have plenty of power user apps and demos. I often install new ones to check them out and show others.
Of course, I also have the apps I work on being installed

I'm guessing anything available in Play Store. That includes a ton of stuff preloaded on the phone still however, Google Apps and Carrier Bloat.

That graph is pretty cool info to look at. Most people wake up and check the weather and check traffic after work and listen to music and watch movies at night.

I wake up and check AC, tech news excites me more than the weather, I suppose I should seek help with that.

Posted via the Android Central App

I'm the same as well. I actually first swipe over to Google Now (Google now Launcher) to check my commute time to work and what the weather will be fist thing while I'm drinking my coffee, but right after that I check AC.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

Sounds about right, 35 used apps, 30 worthless apps from AT&T or Verizon, and 30 worthless apps from Samsung...

Yes, I know that, like probably almost everyone who comments on this site, and I root all my devices and remove them.

Clearly you missed the point of my post, in that it was a jab at carriers, particularly AT&T and Verizon, and Samsung for the sheer amount of bloatware junk they load up their devices with.

I have 96, pretty close to the average I guess, I used to regularly load 200+ but I've trimmed down.
30 - 40 is probably close to the number I use on an almost daily basis.
Well average for people who install third party launchers, which probably leans heavily towards the power user group.

I've got 79 but I think I only installed about 10-15 of them and of that there are only 2 or 3 I interact with everyday.

Damn I only have 130. I'll bet 25-30 of the apps are pre-installed and some with bloatware and some without. 50+ apps with a Verizon Samsung phone

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lol this is not even an accurate representation. The heading is totally misleading. I doubt most people have even heard of this app as opposed to even installing it. More like the heading should be "95 apps on average are installed in devices that have aviate" or something to that effect

The average android user also has no idea how to protect themself from spyware apparently. Poor awareness, poor permission explanation system and general swiss-cheese coding by google.
The idea of a smartphone was so simple and promising but what we ended up getting is a disaster filled with security holes and backdoor data leaking that should never have been made possible. It must stop. We are supposed to use smartphones, not be used by them. Analytics are a scourge and stain on civilization that must be ended.

The average Android user does NOT install an app like Aviate (or any launcher for that matter), therefore this statistic doesn't represent the average Android devide.

The real question, though, is how many of those 95 are actually used regularly. I've got a bunch of games on my phone, for example, that I haven't played in ages, and probably won't play again. But since I've still got plenty of space, I haven't bothered to delete them.

I have 70 installed apps on my Nexus 4. Overall I'm only using half of my 2GB RAM. Keeps my phone running smooth even over a year after I bought it

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4