Free storage has been bumped to 1TB,  and a new version of the Android app is on the way

EDIT: The update is now live in Google Play. Go get it.

Yahoo is doing more than buying blog platforms today, and during an event in New York they have announced a complete revamp of Flickr. The interface of the website has changed, and now features content blocks and full bleed images instead of the thumbnail or list view of the past. In addition, registered users now have 1TB (as in a terabyte) of free storage space to keep their photos, more than any other online service. That's all well and good, but we're mostly concerned with the update to the Android app.

Last December, the Flickr app for iOS received a nice update, and today Yahoo says the Android app will be updated to the same version. That includes a UI change away from the grid we have now to a more content-focused layout resembling the website, as well as better social sharing through Facebook and Tumblr, photo editing and filters via Aviary, and photo-viewing enhancements like zooming and photo details. The update is expected to go live at any time, so if you're a user be sure to check Google Play for the notification, or try the link above.


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Yahoo announces changes for Flickr, including a new Android app


Not the idiot Samsung fan boy louts who prefer to spend money on sd cards for their under nourished wizbang plastic slabs.

Ok let see you get your music off pics where you have no service. Use up your bandwidth where there it's no wifi. For me don't matter since I have unlimited data.

Ok let see you get your music off pics where you have no service. Use up your bandwidth where there it's no wifi. For me don't matter since I have unlimited data.

I honestly don't understand why all the major players piss around with these 10,15,25 GB plans.

Drive space is way cheap. And 99% of people will never even come close. So just say "HEY! Everyone gets 10TB!"

Worst case you have some person with Fiber-optic internet that decides to use it as a NAS drive. But I'm guessing they will be an exception to the 99.99% of people who will max out at like 10GB of photos.

A terabyte is whole lot of storage, though it is JUST photos and Google actually offers UNLIMITED storage for photos under 2048x2048 (which is a pretty darn good sized photo, 10x10" at 200dpi) and videos under 15 minutes.
So, while Flickr can toss around the terabyte lingo, Google can toss around the all-important "Unlimited"

Snicker... Diminished? Really? How often do you actually go back and look at your photos? Most users take a ton of photos (consequently not paying all that much attention to what they're doing), view the photos once or twice and then never bring them up again to review.

So do people only use Flickr to upload photos,and not to view them? Because the app isn't available for the Nexus 7.

I thought tablets were to be included? Bummer but it'll hopefully come for the N7 soon. Guess I'll be checking the redesigned site in the meantime.

What is this I hear about a 300mb upload limit per month? That's crazy. It would take me over a year to Upload just pictures of my daughters first birthday party.

Try shooting RAW. The final processed output (in JPG or other format) can exceed 300mb for a single shooting session.

I know what you mean, my camera shoots raw then processes into jpg. Each photo is about 20-26mb depending on the data.

But seriously, is there a 300mb limit?

Okay so the new app is nice and 1TB is a lot of space, but as an account holder but non-user, I'm still not excited about the service.

Marissa Mayer is still gorgeous though.

1 TB is cool, but they used to cap the uploads per month at 100 Megabytes if you were a free user (the reason I stopped using it after Google+ came along)....I see nothing about lifting that. Am I missing it?

I’m working with Flickr’s customer service rep on a pretty serious security issue I’d like to point out to users out there.

Log in to the Flickr Android app.
Change your Flickr password.
The next time you open the Flickr Android app, you would probably expect the app to request you to login with your new password.
Nope. You still have full access to your Flickr account.

Implication? If you lose your phone and you don’t have any way to remotely wipe your data and you don’t lock your screen using a password or pattern, whoever finds your phone has full access to your Flickr account.