Google TV

I'll admit it. On occasion, I park my kid in front of the TV. And once I have Google TV, I'll likely do it even more. Because here's the thing: Google TV's Chrome browser renders full Flash websites with ease. And that means my daughter can play her favorite PBS Kids games on a big screen and not be relegated to the netbook. I'm a giving parent like that.

Check out Curious George after the break. And stay tuned for the entire Google TV demonstration from the Adobe Flash Summit.


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Why parents will love Google TV


This seems kinda cool. But I'm curious: What would make Google be considered a monopoly? I mean Android, their own cellphones, internet search, software, and how they're interlinked with many companies and corporation.

Don't start a flame war, just a simple concise answer is fine. :)

I can't see them as ever being a "monopoly" because they do not force you to only use their services. Every service/product you mentioned has a distinct number of valid competitors and the key to a monopoly is lack of competition.

To be a monopoly, Google would have to not have any competition. But they do in almost every corner of their products, yahoo, apple, Microsoft, etc

You've gotta watch it on how some people toss around the word monopoly. Microsoft just about holds one in various areas and because some MS fans hate to hear it or misunderstand they start calling any company that gets big or has an integrated set of services a monopoly. But its not about that at all. It's about how they use their position to lock other out if ever competing on a large scale.

i can assure you it wont. There will be many ways in which you can get it. TV's, DISH network stuff, i think blue ray players, and also a separate set-top box, the set top box should be 200 or so. who knows, but definitely not thousands.

God, let's hope that if you can I get a way to stop seeing your request for nails, or to help clean up after your pigs, or assist in a barn raising or any of that other crap from Facebook.