Nexus 5 bumper

Stylish (and expensive) ways to protect your new Nexus 5

Along with the announcement of the Nexus 5 on Google Play, Google is rolling out an assortment of different cases for the phone. There's both a "bumper" case available for $34.99 (£24.99 in the U.K.) and "QuickCover" for $49.99 (£34.99). The bumper isn't much of a bumper at all, and actually covers the back of the phone as well. it is made of a "hard outer shell and soft rubber lining," and is offered in black, grey, red and yellow — while it seemed to actually be on sale for a moment, it is dropped to "coming soon" in all colors.

The QuickCover case is much the same, but has a flap that covers the screen as well. Both black and white varieties are "coming soon" at this point in the US, with the black version currently shipping in the U.K.


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Whole bevy of official Nexus 5 cases also available in Google Play


Big improvement on actually having accessories on the site at launch. But not orderable failure on their part. Easy to rope me into paying higher prices on a case for a phone I'm buying at launch.

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I guess the use of the word bumper seems a little off to me here. I was hoping it would be like the bumper on the N4. This seems more like a standard case.

I like them and would happily have bought one had they been available, and the SPIGEN cases on Amazon aren't that much cheaper.

I may get the Spigen Neo Hybrid (which has the clear back), and at least that one IS in stock, and $25 cheaper (Amazon exclusive) than the not-in-stock official case.

Edit: looks like the official case is back in stock.

With the soft touch back (not slippery) I wouldn't put it in a case!

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Tried to order an official case but said not in stock? Had good luck with yhe ringke on n4

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After using the Ringke case on my N4 and finally going caseless the last few months, not to mention the rather silly prices for these official accessories - think I'll stay caseless this time around too. It's at least good that they released accessories so quickly.

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Im in the UK and found one on Amazon called a Sonivo Fusion Bumper Case. Initially thought it was a bumper, but thankfully it wasn't (never really understood the point of using bumpers).

It arrived this morning and fits like a glove. Why bother with over priced official cases, when there is stuff like this sonivo case available so quickly!