It looks like that Ortiz / Obama selfie didn't have the proper clearance before going viral. As it turns out, the White House frowns upon the use of the president's likeness for commercial purposes — which is exactly what Samsung had planned when they retweeted the "spontaneous" photo.


Ortiz says that the photo was not part of the sponsorship deal. It's unclear if the White House is in touch with Samsung to talk things over.

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White House objects to commercial use of David Ortiz’s selfie with President Barack Obama


Between this and the poll Yarrell is going to be in one foul mood.

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This whole story is ridiculous. Samsung didn't pay for the selfie. They have a deal with Ortiz to give him phones which he uses. I doubt they pay him for each 'selfie' he takes.

I'm sure Ortiz got a little extra $ especially with his Samsung contact signed only a day prior.

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what does the White House think the Red Sox is? A non-profit charity?

MLB is a for-profit(huge profit at that) organization. Inviting the World Series winner to the White House is great, but it is also free advertising for the Red Sox and MLB.

not to mention the fact that the President frequently makes comments about him still using the Blackberry, made by a foreign company. While Blackberry doesn't pay the President to use the phone.... just by saying it, he's helping to promote Blackberry.

It may have something to do with Obama's image, WH not wanting him look like some kind of rockstar in the eyes of the public.

Big companies that make lots of money and create jobs are evil! The White House wants nothing to do with an enterprise that adds value.

That doesn't make any sense when those big companies are protected by white house policies...

There are so many other topics in this world that are actually important that the White House should concerned about.

Apple wouldn't have paid someone to pull this low ball stunt.

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He's still being paid by Samsung, in the previous article it says they even helped him with the photo, then Samsung retweeted it.

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Honestly, if the WH had such a problem with it, why was Ortiz not pulled aside prior to leaving? This whole story is b.s. and unnecessary especially with another Ft. Hood shooting yesterday.

The current White House is all about double standards. Samsung and Blackberry are both foreign companies.

Apple? Sure, it's American, but 99.9% of the stuff are made in Communist China.

When the Ukranians overthrew a democratically-elected president, it was a victory for democracy.

When the people of Crimea(vast majority were Russians) voted to reunited with Russia, it was an illegal act.

You forgot to add that most engineers in Apple here are foreigners... you know that most engineering students here studying master and phd degrees are foreigners?

As a diehard Red Sox fan and a proud owner of Galaxy S4, I'm thrilled that Obama is in the picture.

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as a diehard Yankees fan, I'm okay with the fact that the Red Sox won.

(and very embarrassed... I'd like to apologize to the world on the Yankees behalf that they suck so badly) :(

Why the fuss? You can't see what kind of phone took the selfie. It's only in the media photos and videos of the event that you can see it's a Samsung.

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There's nothing the White House can do. The idiot posed for the damn pic for an ego trip, I'm sure. Maybe they should start censoring out his face on every interview, televized address, and Talk show appearance, because they sure as hell are using his image for a commercial purpose. If they just censor out his voice too that would be the cherry on top.

So apple got mad and requested the white house frown on this. Got it. If it was an iPhone we would have been all good.

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