Samsung's Omar Khan

As long as we're spending our Friday night reading tea leaves and interpreting tweets, let's look at one more. The above comes from Samsung's Omar Khan, chief strategy officer and senior vice president of products and services with Samsung. He's the guy we saw on stage at the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab events. And he's "using an amazing new device to be revealed to all soon."

Is this the mythical Nexus 2/Nexus S (now believed to be delayed)? Don't think so. More likely it's the Samsung Continuum, expected to be officially unveiled Monday in New York City. (We'll be there!) Of course, it's possible he's not talking about an Android phone. But are there any "amazing new devices" out there that aren't rocking our beloved operating system? [Twitter]


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What's SamsungOmar so excited about?


He said a new device, the Continuum maybe not be confirmed yet, but it isn't new... I am still hoping this is a Nexus 2 >.>

i HOPE TO GOD that maybe he is talking about one of the new Galaxy s based media players. PLEEEAAASSEEEE. We really need a solid device to compete with the ipod market since every other company in the world dropped the ball on that one a LONG time ago.

not REALLY. There have been smaller ones and lower end ones but only eluded to the big dog of the group so far and gave little glimpses. check out samsunghub.

10" Galaxy Tab? That would be more amazing than the Continuum. Of course, he's paid to call their products amazing...

Am I the only one hoping what he meant to say was, "Don't worry guys, when we release our next generation Galaxy phones, the GPS will actually be top-notch and comparable to our competitors'! "...?

I mean, they released an update to their software for it back in September, but that didn't fix it for over half of the users. Now, froyo is assumed to have fixed it, but we've yet to see that...the phones have been released for months and months now and those poor owners are stuck with a high-end phone with sub-par GPS (some barely functioning, though that's rarer now).

It's such a shame. I would love a Galaxy S phone, either the international ver. or the captivate, but both are plagued with this problem. And Samsung still hasn't fixed it.

for the record

samsung and facebook are horrible at suprises

so dont be suprised if this is nothing suprising (continuum)

Phill, first off great post. Second, you have a typo:

Is the the mythical Nexus 2/Nexus S (now believed to be delayed)?

Hmm I wonder where the typo is.. lol. :P


Since there's a handful of Win7 phones coming out next week, I'm pretty sure that's what Samsung is going on about. The N2 rumors doesn't make a whole lot of sense over what Samsung and Google has said.

Also the Samsung Fascinate was just released. No way in hell that they already have a Samsung Fascinate 2 already made and are about to announce it. Come on really?