Samsung's just unveiled its first IFA teaser, revealing the shocking secret behind its upcoming technology. That's right -- Aliens.

Sammy's not giving much away in this slightly nonsensical video, but we'll be live from the Unpacked 2013 event on Sept. 4 to bring you full coverage of the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and other announcements, terrestrial or otherwise.


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s2weden2000 says:


Note 3 rules period

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squiddy20 says:

So you're telling me a product that hasn't even been officially announced, let alone unveiled, let alone even put on store shelves, already "rules"? You know absolutely nothing about the device besides your horribly ridiculous "predictions" of what it will/won't have. What a joke.

hoosiercub says:

Well, the first Galaxy Note was a show stopper, the second was even more wildly successful, I feel like the third one will be just as successful.

So... yeah.

Khang Dang says:

I can just imagine my boss walking in and saying who wants to wear an alien costume at work all day

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G0G1 says:

Are you watching HTC, that's how things get done :)


This. It might seem corny, but you have to admire the fact, Samsung doesn't skimp on marketing.

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rampage1979 says:

Your joking right? That was horrible.

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mekmar says:

If only they could get some design oriented Aliens as well... :-)

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rd_nest says:

They haven't just found that alien planet yet.

Wait till 2015..Search ongoing.

Well that alien will be present tomorrow for the announcement of the Note 3 i guess..

XChrisX says:

Kind of creepy in the beginning, and funny in the end. Are they implying that the Galaxy Note 3 has some borrowed alien technology? lol

Nick Rhodes says:

This might mean they have something pretty darn cool coming.

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That guy has cool hair

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Mamaluka says:

Very luxurious

SwiftKey'd from my Bohemoth Note2

chowdog13 says:

Well that didn't make any sense.

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birdman_38 says:

It sticks with a person though.

chowdog13 says:

Good point

Jlav78 says:

They might mean they have a too futuristic to be believable in a new product, hopefully a smartwatch compatible with galaxy and non-galaxy android phones

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atg284 says:

Samsung is pairing up with Alienware to make Alienwearable technology!!!!!!!


Now, that would be cool.

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FreudSlipped says:

Complete fake. If it was real, the alien would have picked up his computer monitor and smashed it out of frustration.

sk3litor says:

I have to admit I am pretty gd excited to see whats in store. I just hope its not ALL gimmicks

droidhead_1 says:

Will be all gimmick

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NoNexus says:

or as the non haters call it, usable features

I use most of them

tantai says:

Sammy, What da F*** you are talking about???

outlooker says:

This is a joke presented in a serious manner.

Statusnone says:

What are we doing here today? Makin' Christmas pancakes?

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nokia4life says:

I am not hater of any phone manufacture as i switch back and forth constantly however that add was complete and total garbage

plunder says:

Is this why all Samsung phones look the same? To us.

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Joer3yn says:

Looks gimmicky..