New Android Central Home Page

Welcome to the next iteration of Android Central. We'd give you a version number but, frankly, we have no idea what version we're on.. Just like Android, we keep on doing our thing. (Though we're able to get updates to all of you at one time, which is awesome.)

So what's new? We just rolled out a new version of our homepage filter, with much more filtering power behind it.

You now have three main options for content on the Android Central home page.

  • Featured content: You're not going to see every story in this view. This is the best of the best. Or maybe the least of the worst. If you're looking for the most important news of the day, this is where you'll find it.
  • All headlines: With this view, you get the raw feed. Everything we post goes here -- a veritable waterfall of Android news. You'll see featured stories here as well, played a little more prominently. You can also see at a glance when the post went up, as well as the number of comments.
  • Latest discussions: We have the most helpful and friendly Android forums around, bar none. And now you can see the latest forum discussions -- as well as the device they're tied to -- directly on the home page.

​But, Phil, I want the headlines as my default home page!

Then set them as your homepage, homeslice! When you first come to the home page now, you'll see the featured stories by default. But click over to the headlines, and you'll see an option in the top right to see them as your default. 

Change your mind and want featured stories or discussions as your default? You can change back and forth as much as you want!

Why did you do this? I hate change!

Let's face it, the amount of Android news that comes through here daily can be daunting. I know -- even I can have a hard time keeping up with it all. Now the really important stuff is right where you need it. The hardcore news junkies should use the headlines column by default. (That's what I'm using.) But if you want just the best of the best, or are more concerned about forum discussions, you now have the option to see them first.

Is it always going to be like this?

Nope. It's going to get even better. We're already hard at work on the next iteration of Android Central. Android didn't become the best mobile operating system by sitting around, and we didn't become the biggest and best Android site by resting on our laurels, either.

Can I make a suggestion?

Please do! Look, this isn't perfect just yet. We already have ideas of what we want to change and improve on. And we want to hear form you, too. Leave your feedback in the comments here, or head into this post in our forums.

These are exciting times, folks. And we're glad you're along for the ride.

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Damn phil apple and Samsung should hire you, you do more innovations then both lol

bigcatman says:

This is awesome. I especially like the "Latest Discussions" tab. Keep up the great work! This is always the first site I look at when I open Chrome and Pulse :D

bkj216 says:


babowling says:

I like it, especially the filtering! Great job!

mattyb1085 says:

Looks good!

dwd3885 says:

Sorry I don't see it. Maybe I don't notice the small things enough. Love the site anyway!

JDMaker1 says:

You're probably in the actual article vs being on the "home screen" of the site. If you go to you should see the changes.

Famboiz says:

How about making an Android app?

StuRoid says:

Always innovating.... Just like RIM

atishc says:

It would be really helpful to have next/previous buttons on each post both on the web site and the android app to be able to read through all the articles without constantly having to go back to the index. Without this functionality, the condensed views in the headline tab is an annoying change for people who want to read at least the first paragraph or so of each post.

SpookDroid says:

Can I +1000 this?

icebike says:

I asked for this over a year ago.
Was promised it then. Still not here.

Also didn't Phil have some negative things to say about Flash???

Definitely looking into how to do this better. :)

gaguy says:

I agree that I like the look of the Features tab, but want to see all articles. It'd be nice if we could specify how many we want to see on a single page as well.

SpookDroid says:

Great, the all-too-hated "Top Stories" VS "Most Recent" filter from Facebook hits Android Central :'(
(Well, one more click to see all that's going on...)

Not true on the click...

On the homepage we only show ten stories. If Phil runs 30 a day, you have to click next page, next page and scroll like crazy. Here you get one click and see 45 posts. Also, you can set the most recent to homepage if you choose. Zero clicks, more content.

Also.. this is early beta. Lots more planned already to improve it.

SpookDroid says:

yeah, but the 'all headlines' doesn't show the preview pic nor the article's intro like the featured stories do :( Like all change, we'll get used to it, but it doesn't mean it can't improve... I'm sure you'll get there :) (BTW, I also know there's no possible way of making everyone happy; someone's always bound to go nuts about something)

True True.  Good feedback.  We already have some ideas of how we'll further improve upon the layout. I **think** we'll be able to make everybody happy here.

dcreed says:

Apple's lawyers will be contacting you soon. Apple has a patent on three tabs to filter content.

mclifford82 says:

These jokes are terrible. Just stop.

orlanka says:

Phil Zuckerberg?

As with all change, I am sure we'll adapt soon enough. I have yet to find a site about Android news that does it better and the quick access to their sister sites makes it easy to see what the competition is up to.

richardfoc says:

Please add preview paragraph to all stories on the All Headlines tab. Thank you.

etnpnys says:

Not only that, but if you're there, the only way to view more of the story (picture, small summary, etc) is to actually click to go INTO the article. Then, there's no "Next" / "Previous" feature, so you gotta hit "Back". Only now, if "All Headlines" is not your default, you are brought all the way back to the "Featured" homepage. That's A LOT OF NAVIGATION to do to get around.

orlanka says:

Open in new tab?

We were just discussing that, actually. Maybe we'll try it.

orlanka says:

I was thinking more along the lines of users simply right-clicking or long pressing but hey, if you want to do the work for us, I am all for that too.

zhecht says:

Middle-click to open in a new tab is broken in chrome. It opens a new tab, but also changed the current tab to the clicked link. I then have to click the back button and find my self back at Featured Stories and have to click on All Deadlines again.

etnpnys says:

Add to my post above that you only get the option to set a new default if you are signed in.

And I can't seem to find a way to sort the "All Headlines" homepage by post date - meaning I have no idea what I'm looking at.

KahneFan says:

If the tabs could somehow have their own URL associated with them, then even guests could easily bookmark the tab they want to come back to.

Instead of just setting a default tab?

KahneFan says:

Can guests set a "default" tab as well? And, I set a default tab yesterday (all), but today it was back to the first tab when I came back to the site. So, even as a member, I don't have a default. If each tab had a URL associated with it, you could bookmark that URL (guest or member) and KNOW you will always come back to AC with that tab highlighted.

Yes. And you should sign in. :) You want to be able to leave comments and enter contests and stuff, right?

Not sure what you're talking about as far as post date on the headlines view ... Time stamps are on the left.

etnpnys says:

Yes, time stamps are on the left. But the first one right now says that it was posted 17 hours ago. The second one says 17 minutes ago, and then I *think* it starts building it from there in ascending order. I guess having the first one being so old really threw me off. Why is the first one so old? Because it's featured?

That's a special case just for this weekend -- because it's stickied. We don't usually have posts stickied for any great period of time.

Goat-Tee says:

Can we have an option to go back to the old version from a year ago? That would be cool. If not, I'll just continue to go straight to the forum and mostly ignore the homepage.

88 FLUX says:

I'm not a fan but it won't stop my love of the site. But my personal preference is that when I come to the site, I want to be able to scroll around and see all articles in chronological order. And not in the condensed view like in the "all headlines" section now. Like I said, it's just personal preference and I'm sure I'll get used to it. But to me, it's like the change that Gawker made to all of their sites except they did it at a more extreme level. I used to visit their sites more than daily but now I can barely stand it. I want to choose what is "important" myself, not let the site determine what is the important news to me.

Good feedback. Will take into account as we work to evolve things for the better (no intention of making things worse).

88 FLUX says:

Understood. Just personal preference. For all I know, I could grow to like this layout more.

nctrnl says:

Now it's like GMail where I can never figure out how to get to my contacts anymore lol

I like change. Good Job!

RazorDroid says:

I think I hear an *pple lawsuit brewing over the patent of this here thing called "change"!

Croak#AC says:

Layout used to be:


Now it looks like:



jean15paul says:

I don't mind the change to have a "Featured Stories" page and an "All Headlines" page. But I don't like the format of the "All Headlines" page. I can't just scroll through and read these articles. I will have to click on each on to read it. That a lot more clicks and pages to wait to load, especially one a mobile device. I'd rather wait for one page to load (even if it takes longer) and then read everything, than to wait forward each article to load separately.

Hand_O_Death says:

Not bad, any chance you guys can stop the AC app from crashing on my Galaxy Nexus?

poebae says:

In All Headlines view, middle click doesn't open a link in a new tab >:(

moosc says:

Really not a fan. Now all I get is loading on nexus phone browser. The old way was simple for the browser on a phone now we add steps to it.

Smalls says:

You do realize there is a mobile site... Right? (

I prefer reading Android Central in Google Currents anyway. :3

moosc says:

Yea thats the only way I use ac is on mobile version but is wacked out has 3 options telling me something is loading. Before it was Simple.

Fumetsu says:

As long as you don't change your name like TiPB did, I'm a happy camper. I haven't visited it since the name change. I know the content is the same, but they ruined the brand. Maybe its just me being a little OCD but I hate the new name.

Android Central, TWiT, TCPJ, and the Verge are pretty much the only tech sites I visit now.

MRWOLF6969 says:

Grate change. I love the all tab as I am on us cell and at 5 minute load times for web pages the ability to see all is cool. This will help till I can get my rezound from big red.

sklein128 says:

Love the new look. Keep up the great work guys.

Tuatarian says:

I like how I can look over all the headlines a lot faster, but don't understand why I can't middle click them. It opens a new tab, but starts loading it in the current tab also, this doesn't make any sense to me, why would I want the article open in two tabs? I like it in theory, but being unfriendly to tabs makes me frustrated unnecessarily.

chris1513 says:

Under the "All Headlines" tab, I realize that instead of just opening a new tab with a click on the middle mouse button, the original page would also be redirected to the same page. Is it possible to fix that?

rexdeaz says:

Yet another site devises a way to wring more page clicks out of us. Don't tell me you're making it easier for me to get news when I have to click almost every story in the "All Headlines" tab to get access to that information. "Here's an extra step! Isn't that convenient?!" Kotaku pulled this same stunt and tried covering it up with the same BS post.

Synycalwon says:

Add me to the dislikes. It now takes extra clicks to see everything when logged in. I clear my cookies after a browser session, so I have to go through the extra steps every time I log in/visit here. The old way was a lot easier to navigate.

I'm in the not like category. Reminds me too much of what Gawker did to their sites, with the same "it's so easy" explanation. I'll decide what's important and what's not, but leaving all headlines without their customary image and paragraph is just silly. Extra clicks to get to the content that used to be immediately there is frustrating. Please, all the headlines should be the default view, just give us the information! Most of us here don't mind scrolling through, because that's what we came here for, a lot of info all in one place. Now it's just been made harder without the article intro and picture that used to be there, and is now only there on the few articles you deem worthy of it.

Had I missed this article, I would have missed articles that were important to me, like the Verizon LTE rollouts. What you deem as "featured" may not be important to others, but what you leave out may be. Just makes the whole experience more confusing.

So, overall impression, meh.

vegeta_2123 says:

i hate this change and feel if i am stuck with it i would like he option to actually stay logged in at all times

Mothy32 says:

Ugh, hate the change too. The old setup was cleaner and easier to use. Can we have a "classic" mode option? Otherwise, I think I'll visit less often (I dislike it that much).

zhecht says:

Middle-click to open a new tab in Chrome seems to be broken. If I middle-click a story in "All Headlines", it opens a new tab but also redirects the current tab to the clicked story.

Having to click to see even the picture and above the fold content on the "All Headlines" page is also REALLY annoying, since it makes it impossible to skim to see what stories I am actually interested in reading.

These two changes make browsing more time consuming to the point that it actually will prevent me from visiting daily.

dancing-bass says:

How about a multiple layer filter for "All Headlines"?

Right now the filter for "All" seems to be limited to one choice. It would be nice to be able to select more then one item from the Filter list to "customize" my personal "All Headlines" feed.

For example I only want to read about phones and apps. I'd like to be able to select "Phones" AND "Aps" from the drop-down filter, so my "All Headlines" covers just phones and aps, nothing about tablets, accesories, or anything else

Personally I've got the default set to "All". I'd rather just have one place to go to, skim over the headlines and pick and choose what I want to read. Invariably if I set it to the "featured" I feel like I'm missing out on something I'd want to read.

KahneFan says:

I've set the "ALL" as my favorite 4 times now and yet it won't stick. I keep coming back to featured.

KahneFan says:

OK, in case anyone stumbles across this topic in the future. I found the URL for the "ALL" tab -