Google IO

Jerry and I are winging our way west today, ahead of the Google IO developer conference Tuesday and Wednesday. Last year we got a look at Foyo and Google TV, plus a sneak peak at Android's music service (which has yet to materialize), among other things.

What's everybody hoping to see this year? Sound off in the comments. And if you're at Google IO, or just see us in the bars streets of SF, be sure to say hi.


Reader comments

What do you want to see at Google IO?


Honeycomb update that will be pushed out this week, no Google TV (who REALLY cares?), and of course Ice Cream Sandwich information. We want to see a new UI for phones that will be smooth and fluid and will blow everyone away!

And a new, dual core Nexus on Verizon LTE would be nice, too :)

Something that will make Google TV worthwhile... I have been given the go ahead to get the Revue, but I can't do it until they have an offering that is worthwhile, and I don't see the 1.0 release as worthwhile. So much potential though...

I would also like to get some details on the plans for android/chromeos/googletv in the future, and am hoping that includes interesting integrations between them all.

Oh? Google TV software that's not clunky and buggy, and being blocked by every website with video(WORK OUT SOME DEALS GOOGLE!) . . . Google Music. Google Movies. ITS ABOUT TIME! . . . ICE CREAM? I'm interested but tis not a "MUST SEE NOW" thing for me.

Yeah, a Nexus tablet would be cool. I would buy if it was announced for a carrier with LTE or HSPA+.

BETTER ANDROID MARKET!!!!! It needs to be completely revamped, in nearly every way, I hope it get a nice big overhaul.

(Big Android Hug)

damn right the market is horrible to navigate unless you know exactly what you're looking for. There needs to be a TON more options like the BASIC "Sort by rating!!!"

YES "Sort by rating" is a given, a complete necessity but that isn't even an option, it definitely needs to be implemented at the very least, and perhaps a filter for ACTUAL apps and not all these silly add-ons/links, there needs to be sub menus for individual apps to unclutter the main app lists, for example plugins should be linked directly from the mother-app's page not listed in the main apps categories.......

......and then so much more needs improving.

I want some Ice Cream Sandwiches, a new version of Google TV (and hopefully some new hardware for it that will be out soon, like in the next month or 2) and I would love to see some news about Chrome OS getting some new features (and the expected Samsung announcment of it's Chrome laptop availabilty)

I want them to give out free Evo 3Ds to the attendees. I wont be there but at least we get more info on how the battery is and so on....

Maybe a release date for the thing too! >:(

I want the Honeycomb source, I want google to NOT release Ice Cream (if they did, it would be a pretty weak update most likely since Honeycomb is 3 months old or so), I want honeycomb to become something of a finished product. I wouldn't mind but don't expect a Nexus Tab.

In a way the XOOM is the Nexus Tab. No skins, pure Honeycomb. Should be the first for updates as well. Oh wait, nevermind, VZW ruins any chance of that.

Google Music Cloud PLayer stand alone app available in the market for any 2.2 or greater phone.

A look at the next Android version for phones.

Google Talk update to push this week to allow video chat. Available to all phones running 2.2 or greater and with a Front-facing camera.

Market updates with new app catagories.

Google TV update, Google Music and for them to throw a few people under the bus as to why gingerbread is taking so long to get out. Sometimes a little public humiliation is in order.

I would like to see Google announce a new policy in the Android Terms of Use that all manufacturers would be required to provide users with a way to turn off any skin and use stock Android if they so prefer.

Release date for the Evo 3D (i know, not likely but lots of us are waiting). If they announced a new GUI similar to WebOS I'd be in heaven. If they added all the other features that WebOS has that android doesn't have that would be even better. GoogleTV would be fun if it had an awesome interface and the capability to stream x264 media over the network.

How about a way for more developers to attend? Our team got left out in the cold because the servers were so hammered.

Everyone is posting what they WANT to see. What I NEED to see is MMS support from Google Voice.

great ideas for the XOOM
Why not put in an SD card? This would shock everyone and give a great competitive edge!
Why not put in a full USB port. then you could plug your stuff in!!! No one would suspect this!!!
Why not put in a charging light so you know at a glance what the status of charging is? This would shock the market!!
Why not have a dock that is a real dock and connects to everything and charges at the same time? Might take a week to engineer, but what an advantage!!!
How about a web site where you could easily find any APP by offering search features, maybe use BING as a search engine to really baffle Apple. And return to where you were in the store (we could call this a "market") after a selection rather than to the starting point!!

These are probably impossible to do if you do not try, but maybe this list will help at the meeting?

Something very simple: In google maps, if I typo (or don't know the exact spelling of) the search and hit enter not realizing it, I'd like to be able to bring up what I typed and fix it. If you choose previous search it goes right to the typo'd last entry, no chance to fix it. So have to start over.


The lack of an Integrated spell checker (3rd party apps are inconvenient)for emails & txt's like blackberry has is something inexcusable, and should be fixed !! seriously !!

Not specifically Android related, but I've been hankering for some Fossil Meta Watch hands on pictures/thoughts