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Tomorrow's iPhone Day, in case you haven't heard. Or it's Apple Day. Either one is fine, we're told.

Us? We like to refer to it as Rex Manning Day

Anyhoo. You've got to be at least a little excited to see what Apple invents tomorrow. A 4-inch display? NFC? On-screen home buttons? Who knows! It's just all so exciting!

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What Android features will Apple 'invent' tomorrow?


No matter what it is iphone fan boys will say it is the best smart phone ever and no other company did what they are doing...

More like what Android feature will Apple release tomorrow that is 5 times more polished then Android's version? The fanboy bashing of Apple people is funny because the Android people are just as big of tards. Buy the best device for your needs, NONE of the companies care about you and it is no badge of honor.

I know you're just an iTroll but I sure would like to know what feature Apple stole from Android and did it better, because so far all I've seen are bad Apple copies of Android features

In my opinion, Siri was a step up from voice intents just as Google Now is a step up from Siri. That's just one's not the only one. Ultimately I don't care who made a particular feature first. I care about who makes the better overall device for my needs by the time I'm ready to purchase (and that happens every 1-2 years, so there's always an opportunity for a camp to earn my money).

No matter how good Siri may still twists my mind that they bought Siri, being a popular third party app, right before the 4s comes out and then has the balls to tout it as something they invented.

Get back to me when Notifications are 1/2 as good as Android Gingerbread, let alone a modern version.

Or maps. Turn by turn: Get back to me when the 4S can use it. Seems like the only thing Apple's doing better than Android is Fragmentation.

Wow what a heading.......we all know Android is an iPhone clone wanna be. If the iPhone never came out we would all be using a blackberry wanna be.

Hey there loser.Came to the rescue of your precious iCrap didn't you.Typical iSheep they never fail to amaze me with their stupidity.

Why does that make him a loser? No matter how much you HATE Apple, The iPhone was in the hands of millions before any Android phone. This whole, "iSheep, iTroll, iCrap" is very immature and makes you and others that use those terms sound stupid. People need to realize that it’s just a phone. iPhone or Droid.

The iPhone was first, but that doesn't mean Android wouldn't have gotten where it has without the iPhone. Capacitive technology, Symbian phones, Palm, Windows Mobile, Maemo, all the components to make a touch-screen phone were there even without Apple's participation.

I agree, but honestly, apple started the whole "I" thing, putting it before almost everything they sell, like buy an imac, so you can connect your imouse to the ikeyboard and play your itunes while navigating ios, looking to find a ilife. It may be just trying to relate or to speak in terms that iusers like and understand.

Bottom line.. Why pay more for less functionality? enuf said

Immature is buying a piece of hardware because everyone else is doing it.
Immature is not second-guessing company hype when they spread fallacies (such as a technology being their brain-child).

Worst of all, is the immaturity (or lack thereof) shown by judging the maturity of others by their choice of terms rather than the content of their statement (let alone without even knowing their real-life maturity or educational background to begin with).

If, by "wanna be", you mean "wanna be rolling in similar piles of cash as the ones that people at Apple are rolling in" then yes. As far as the "idea" of a touchscreen phone, Apple was not the first to have it, just the first to make it big, letting everyone else know that was what people wanted now. Everything that there ever will be will always be, at least in some small part, and imitation of something that has come before.

Wait, Wait, Wait...

"Apple was not the first to have it, just the first to make it big, letting everyone else know that was what people wanted now."

Apple was telling me what I want?!?! HOLY COW, can I drink some of that kool-aid?!

"Consumers don't know what they want until we tell them."
- Steve Jobs

Yes he really was that conceded, at least as far back as 1980 when he was designing the Mac.

You talking about this quote?
It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.

Something similar to that was said when the iPad was released, but I don't think its what you wrote. The statement is somewhat correct, when the iPad was released everyone laughed at the name and made fun of it and bashed the product until they used it and the product was shown to them.

Where are we today? iPads are selling like crazy, again we have Android knockoffs and Microsoft came back from the 90's and is taking another run at it.

Personally I see no use in tablets, about the best one I seen was the Microsoft versions because of the backwards compatibility, etc. The iPad and Android knockoffs I think are toys and I am stunned people are buying them. Yea they are nice and portable and quick to pick up and be on the internet, but I still prefer my laptop.

We also all know that if android didnt come about tomorrow apple would be releasing the iphone 3Gsi..tx..ultra... still a 3.5in screen.. still cant record video..

Isn't the same somewhat true about Android? Wasn't it heading down the Windows Mobile/Blackberry path of experience until they pivoted due to iOS?

This stuff happens all the time and I'm not sure there is anything wrong with that. If I'm developing a product and someone changes the game with their product, you better believe I'll take that into consideration.

Should companies have stayed with only prop planes after jet engines came out?

Should the cable companies stay with just their normal programming now that all of these streaming options exist and are changing the way users consume content?

Should Palm have stayed with the plain old Treo line after the iPhone came out?

Ok...don't answer that last one. :-)

Yeah...sorry. :-|

But I needed a quick mobile-related example of what happens when you don't react to game changers fast enough and it was RIM or Palm. Picked Palm because I was both a Treo and Pre user for some time. I suppose another example would be how Microsoft's mobile side is struggling to catch up after having waited so long as well.

I agree with you here. Though, I may never own an iDevice myself, I also cannot discount its influences on technology. All companies measure against their competition.

iPhone until the 3G or 3GS didn't natively have Video Recording even though feature phones of the time all had it.

This is a good example of why competition (and not Apple's definition of such) is a good thing. Without Apple being the domineering overlord, Android wouldn't try so hard (and succeed). Without Android, as it is right now (not as Apple wishes it was) Apple would have nobody to fight for a market share. The problem is Apple no longer leading like they where and is now trying to catch up in several ways to Android.

People switching to android for better customizability after the Galaxy S1? No problem, Apple finally releases home screen wallpapers and folders.

People jailbreaking for Palm-esque multitasking that Android is trying to emulate? No problem, throw in something different and broken and fix it with patches. (Still jailbroke for that one)

People praising android for the drag down notification bar? People copying it with jailbreak apps? Again, not a problem. Put the most blatant ripoff of an Android feature yet in there and watch our fans celebrate us for our ORIGINAL developments!

You do know that android was in development for quite a long time, then google purchased it and released it. It was not like google just said, hey lets copy the worlds best copycats.

The story goes that they did a pivot when the realized what iOS was going to be. They were correct in doing so if you ask me.

That's "the story". From the believe-everything-in-favor-of-Apple-and-reject-any-evidence-otherwise crowd, anyway... Now the REAL story... that's a different story...

While my paraphrasing may have oversimplified things a bit, the real story is not as different as you want to believe. In the end, I don't care. It's just silly to point out the influence A had on B without also pointing out the influence B had on A. This is not a sequential process. Both platforms are iterating and I for one can see how they have influenced each other over the past few years.

I hope you can as well.

Honestly that story started with Steve Jobs' comments about Google stealing ideas from iOS while one of their execs was on Apple's board. Yes, there was a redirect in some of how Android was being designed, but iOS was a game changer and it changed how EVERYONE did smartphones from that point forward. Even Windows Phone changed because of iOS. Still, I refuse to believe that anything was stolen from Apple. Borrowed from existing concepts that should have prevented apple patents, yes. But in that regard Apple stole too, and stole willingly. That is a whole 'nother rant though.

So was iOS and iPhone designs dating back to the same time frame. And I'm sure Eric Schmidt knew of Apple's plans after he joined the board and had inside information because he was on the board and bought out the Android maker. Andy Rubin worked for Apple as an engineer and probably had access to the Newton back in the day that knowledge I would imagine helped to duplicate the iPhone. Most speculation, but an interesting history that matches up throughout the years.

That's where you are wrong! Since everything is done better in Android, either copied (Google Now) or as it's own feature (notifications), it's not an iphone wannabe, it's rather a better iphone!! Get over it and get used to it already...

This is what I'd like to see in the news:

Headline #1 New iPhone LTE unvailed

Headline #2 New iPhone LTE Banned in The U.S. and Europe from HTC and Samsung patent infringements.

I'm actually glad Apple is around and recycling other companies' and their own ideas. Google doesn't have the luxury to have a massive amount of people using their software and hardware because it says Google on it, instead, they have to constantly improve their phones to an extent that even blind Apple fanboys have to take notice that Android is better. In the end, it's better for us, the consumers (the Android ones, at the very least.)

According to the Wall Street Journal, they've invented a new way to fix the economy, just by launching a new phone. I'm still not interested.

How would that help the economy? iPhones are made in China, if anything it will help the Chinese more then the US

yeah all those 3 cent / hour jobs, and super cheap materials. Apple likely has about 3% overhead coming out of China. Samsung phone with better hardware costs half as much so all of that extra money is staying in California.

the article i read--don't remember where--said that this iteration of the iPhone could increase GDP by 0.5%. For a singular product that is pretty da.m impressive, regardless if you're a fan of Apple or not.

How many people rush out to stick that $500 phone (I'm from UK so dunno how much an iPhone is over there) on their credit card, sure GDP goes up, but so does personal debt.

Plot it out... US economy actually does worse every time a new iPhone comes out... too many people playing Angry Birds and not producing? ;) 


That, my friend, is why I take time to read the comments. In the midst of the bickering I find something that actually makes me smile. Thank you.

Didn't they already preview all the features of the new OS so they can't really "invent" anything there since they were "invented" when the OS was previewed?

There are likely to be some iOS 6 features Apple left out in the preview because they rely on the hardware of the new iPhone.

There was slight fragmentation when the iPhone 3gs was released and when the 4 was released. The only real way to not have any fragmentation is to leave the hardware exactly the same. There will always be some fragmentation, some feature or features that are not released on previous generations. A full upgrade is a full upgrade. It does not seem like fragmentation because all ios fans do is play angry birds and laugh at android users for having way more apps (even though like 75% of those apps are terrible wastes of money or flash storage space).

Very true. There is one problem though. Apple purposefully pushes updates to phones that don't have the resources to handle it. I used to work in an AppleCare call center and I can tell you that a majority of the calls for almost a year after a major update revolve around 1 thing: "After the update my phone doesn't work as well. Can I downgrade?"

The truth is fragmentation sells phones. It is true for Android and iOS. You don't have a feature or the software runs like shit on your current phone? Works perfect on the new phone PLUS a few extras? Shut up and take my money! The answer most commonly arrived at by most customers after a major update was to buy a new phone...

This is the weird thing. Apple claim Android is theft.

With what? THE TARDIS?! (a Time Machine, just for clarity)

-New touch technology already implemented in N7
-Siri now works like Google now
-4" screen. Apple will most likely tout how they did a lot of research and 4" is the perfect size for a smartphone
-Headphone jack at the bottom. "Revolutionary"
-OTA updates lol
-Panorama mode and possibly continuous burst mode. How they are the first in the industry to have it. iSheep are wowed!
-4G/LTE. And iSheep will marvel at how they were able to browse on 3G before

Siri works like (and arguably almost as good as) the new Google Voice Search, but Apple has nothing even remotely similar to Google Now!

You're kidding right? I have a Galaxy Nexus and my oldest son has the iPhone 4S and Now spanks Siri like a bad child every time we pit them against each other. Siri may have a personality, a shitty one, but Now gives quicker and more pertinent answers. And sure, Siri can set alarms and such, but so does Now.

Long before there was siri there was speaktoit assistant. Which does everything siri does and sounds and looks better

To be frank I think 4-4.3" is optimal size if there is minimal bezel. Beyond that the phone cannot be used with one hand alone. Maybe the 4" iphone will cause other manufacturers to release some 4" phones with good specs. These days most flagships are slowly inching closer to 5".

Used to think 4.3" was the optimum size.....til I used a GNex. Soooo perfect. So easy to use single handed. I miss my Gnex sob :'(

Speak for yourself. I can easily use my Galaxy Nexus with one hand. I would never go back to a 4" phone.

I have no problems navigating my 4.8" GS3 screen. Opinions are great, they can be wielded as truths regardless of facts.

How many million are required before it isn't a minority? Between the GS2, GS3, HTC One X line, including the EVO, the MOTO RAZR, etc., I imagine we are nearing 30, 40... 50 million devices? I wouldn't say that constitutes a minority. And for the record navigating my EVO LTE with one hand is one of many things I can do one-handed.

In the most technical sense, minority has nothing to do with actual numbers. Minority is basically anything that isn't the majority, and considering how many iphone users there are, coupled with how many android devices are NOT GNEX, HOX, SGS3 and the like, I'd say his statement about the minority was absolutely spot-on, even if he did say all negative and douchey.

I think you must have tiny hands. Because I am only 5'9" and can use my Galaxy S 3 one handed without any real problems. Coming from a Sensation 4G I really thought the 4.3 inch screen was the optimum size. It was very easy to reach the top opposing corner of your screen. But after learning a different technique of holding the phone while reaching diagonally across the screen, manipulating the 4.8 inch became very easy. Besides the fact that the screen size also changed my usage habits of my tablets. I actually sold my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and VERY rarely use my Hp Touchpad. The 4.8 inch screen is reasonably easy to use yet it also displaced my tablets all together and now I use my Galaxy S 3 as my sole connection throughout my workday. So really the screen size argument come down to personal preference. Also I think there have been plenty of great phones with the 4 inch screen produced over the years. I don't think that a 4 inch iPhone in today's landscape would be any better than the 4 inch Galaxy S 1 was in its day. Just because the hardware has advanced in the recent years does not mean that relative to the hardware it is competing against a 4 inch iPhone is that interesting or special.

My Infuse is 4.5" and the Note is 5.3" but I have no problem using either with one hand. Better choices for smaller devices is nice but not a big deal to one hand a 4.3"+ device.

Actually Apple does not do research. They decide what is best for the consumer and then market the crap out of it. Steve Jobs even admitted as much.

I can't tell if this is sarcasm, so I'll reply just in case.

They probably do more research than...say...someone who posts fantasy statements like the one you just did. Anyone that believes Apple or any of these companies develop their products in a vacuum should probably check to see if they are the ones in a vacuum.

On screen buttons? You mean button, singular. Apple users would panic if they added another button.;)

Right click? RIGHT CLICK?!?!?!
**hulks out, tossing keyboard across the room and bursts through the wall into the office next door, shouting incoherently and frightening children**

They will tout the 4" screen as magical and optimal for viewing media and it is the "New Standard". They will glom onto LTE like they invented it showing how much it improves Facetime and browsing speeds and how no one else has done this. They will finally gloat over a dual core SoC w/ 1 Gig RAM saying it is the fastest thing in the whole wide world and that it can decode the human genome in moments and quantify the CERN Boson Higgs experiment results in a matter of seconds.

LG, Samsung, and Moto together own a pretty sizable share of LTE patents. Qualcomm I think has the most and Nokia also has a fat stack.

I use both Android and iOS products and most iPhone users are amazed that I find faults in it. It's funny until you get the ones who are dead set on Apple and nothing else....

I've used both Android and iOS (and develop from both platforms). Your statement is true of both camps.

Personally, I hope they both keep inventing (and improving) each other's features. It gives me a better product in the end.

I use Apple and nothing else.

As a company, they aren't perfect, but I use Apple products because of the built in synergy. Apps purchased for the phone can be used on the tablet.Out of the box both sync seamlessly with my Macs. The Macs play well with the Apple TVs I have throughout the house and iTunes streams my media throughout. Add in Airplay and it is all complete.

All of that is done in a very simple way and doesn't require to you piece meal together a strategy for tackling those types of issues. It doesn't make you a sheep or whatever other clever word people want to use for describing Apple customers. It just makes you a person that doesn't want to have to put too much time and effort into your tech.

That some Apple customers go overboard? Sure. Does the "magical" schtick get old? Yes. But I don't believe the over-the-top, Apple can do no wrong defender is by no means indicative of the average Apple user. The average Apple customer is someone who likes a product for the easy service that it offers. Specs and potential computing power are not part of the equation.

No doubt, people like to play in Apple's expensive walled garden. You just have to be willing to go without a fair number of superior features that more independent, open-ended products can bring you (including but not limited to Android phones). If the most important thing to you is the limited inter-operability that the Apple ecosystem provides, then more power to you. Personally, I'm very comfortable paying less for an overall superior feature set across my devices that unfortunately I have to spend a little bit of extra time convincing to play well together.

Just out of curiosity, what missing features are you referring to? I have test driven both a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7 and (outside of a few settings tweaks here and there) I didn't really see any massive difference in features. Both Android and iOS, in my opinion, are different takes on the same thing. The difference is more Coke & Pepsi rather than anything really dramatic.

For me, the largest missing feature is google maps (in it's entirety) and the stuff that's based on it. For example, the first thing I had to go digging for when I switched to iOS as my main device, was a good navigation app. Google Navigator was perfect for my needs and it was free. I eventually found Waze (hadn't heard of it before because I never needed to look for it). I love it but I still miss Navigator. I'm going to really miss Google Maps in iOS 6 since Apple's new map solution seems...wanting. Sigh*

Umm, how about being able to plug in your phone and just transfer files to it?

I was working on an audio project (on a Mac) with a friend and rendered down a .wav file and asked if he wanted it on his iPhone. He said to just play it and he would just record it with the mic (6 min of audio). In order to transfer it to his phone, he would have to connect his phone to the Mac, authorize the phone in iTunes (a pox on iTunes!), convert the file in iTunes, then upload it to the phone through iTunes as an AAC. I suggested delivering it via Dropbox but he said that the iPhone still wouldn't play it if it didn't come from iTunes.

Conversely, my Android phone just does what I tell it to instead of telling me what to do. No thank you, Comrade Apple.

The big three:
4G - like WiFi and wish you could have those speeds on the go?'s like that.
NFC - Google Wallet is immensely convenient and isn't even the tip of the iceberg as far as NFC capability is concerned.
Variety - (screen size and feature sets specifically tailored for any given user's needs...and tiered pricing to match it).

Widgets are also pretty high up there for me even though I don't use them much.

What it really boils down to is...I was very close to giving Apple a shot and buying the 4S on launch day but when I saw the feature set I was astounded at how pathetic it was compared to android's devices that were coming out at the same 4G, no NFC, really the 4S was just an iPhone 4 with a software update (Siri and notification bar)'s obvious Apple knew it too when they decided not to push those updates out to previous devices as well.

I suppose that falls under the "different strokes for different folks" line. Of the features you listed there the only one that really appeals to me (and again...this is just this guy talking) is LTE. I'm hoping to see that on the updated iPhone tomorrow, but it's not a big enough selling point in order for me to ditch my phone to use. If I were a heavy browser user or someone who was away from wifi a lot, that might be different. But these days there are gas stations and grocery stores with wifi access, so I'm covered there.

NFC is something I haven't warmed up to, especially in terms of mobile payments. Not too comfortable with my financial info being a stolen phone away from being in trouble. Variety is good for some people, but I have had enough low end electronics to know I want to stay away from them. I get the need for differing screen sizes too, but this race to the biggest that some Android OEMs seem to be on now is one I do not wish to participate in. Like I said before, I tried the Galaxy Nexus and, as someone who doesn't have small hands, I found it a little awkward to use with one hand, which is important to me. My attempts at that were even more comical when I tried out a Galaxy Note.

Widgets are another thing that I have never warmed up to. Having at a glance info is nice when you need it and it was definitely one of the first things I tried out with Android devices. The problem with widgets is that when you don't need that info all you're left with is a massive waste of screen real estate. Some people may find them useful, I'm just not one of them.

And that can be said about many features of many phones. We all have great variety, be it Android phones, Android based phones, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. Thankfully we don't all have to try and be shoe horned into a one size fits all deal. Hopefully we'll see Windows Phone start to catch on a bit and Blackberry make a return, as increased competition only serves to help improve whats available to us all.

well said. too many people get caught up in the mobile os "wars". Why would someone care what others use? If it is right for that person, then they have made the correct choice.

When a company tries to inhibit my choice of a phone/OS/functionality with BS lawsuits I get mad. I care.

It affects prices, availability, support, app variety, etc. Others need some help sometimes to do the right thing for themselves, as many of us who help friends and family with computer related issues have found out.

This is why Apple products have become my main products. I still have two Android phones and an Android tablet because I'm a developer and need them. I still have a Windows Media HTPC that I built because it serves a purpose. I'm experienced enough to have put together my own solutions (including purchases of products) to get everything to work together but I got tired of doing that. So for "me", Apple products are worth it just for the near seamless integration. For my non-computer-savy mom, Apple products are worth it simply because I don't have to field as tech-related phone calls and she can remain productive without worrying about (or even noticing in many cases) the tech.

For someone else, maybe Apple products are not the answer.

Apple is like an automatic transmission...put it in drive and go...kind of boring but it's really easy.

Android is like a manual transmission...takes effort to learn how to drive one but it's more efficient, better performance and more fun to drive in the long run.

Great analogy, not only is iPhone like an Automatic it also has auto pilot.

I personally would rather choose what direction I want to go in when using my phone.

Not only that I personally.......
Would rather watch movies in what ever format the file is available in
Would rather be able to choose what format my music is recorded in
Would rather be able to choose any PC to transfer files
Would rather not have to purchase additional items just to complete the eco-system
Would rather not being tied to itunes

What this demonstrates is we all have varying choices, hence some choose iPhone while other choose to have a choice.

I really don't know what new Apple will bring to the table as none of their iterations have been original, just repackaged existing technology.

Which technology will they steal from Android?
Absolutely none, didn't you know what ever it was it didn't exist until apple started to use it.

Apple is like a company that makes great vanilla ice cream. Expensive and great vanilla ice cream. Not so wonderful for people who want chocolate or strawberry.

I would have to slightly disagree. I have 2 friends who love Apple, and they are awesome people. But the majority of Apple users that I know, are VERY condescending and pompous. But that personality doesn't really show until you start discussing Apple. I'm not saying they are all that way, but the majority that I know personally, are. There's like a aura that exists around them and if you disturb it by offering anything other than Apple, they assume you are their mortal enemy and you are trying to trick them. Even my family and friends who aren't as interested in tech as I am, have told me that Apple users seem very pompous in general. Like they see themselves as some elite group of privilege.

Apps purchased on android work on tablets easily even when not fully supported, with one of a few amazing apps that take seconds to download, they sync wirelessly and extremely ease on any computer. Google TV will play well with my $1200 laptop that is way more powerful than the $2500 mbp. Bluetooth to stream audio means I have many more options for what I want to stream and allshare or dlna can be used to stream just about anything to a google tv, all of those are done very easily and only requires 1 app install.

Not perfect is putting it lightly given their actions towards competition and what they try to patent in recent years.

What's funny is that most of the sarcasm displayed here has nothing to do with the actual technology and everything to do with how they deliver the message. It just drives the point home that Apple is a decent design company with average technology and genius marketing.

Imagine if Google had the marketing prowess of Apple...

edit - this is a general comment. I just hit reply in the wrong spot.

"It just drives the point home that Apple is a decent design company with average technology and genius marketing."

I see the difference as

Apple is a brilliant design company with brilliant technology and brilliant marketing.

Google is a brilliant engineering company with brilliant technology and poor marketing.

Contrary to what many non-apple fans say, Apple actually makes great products (more often than not) and know how to sell them.

Contrary to what many apple fans say, Googe (and many of their OEMs) actaully makes great products (again, more often then not). It's just that the Google camp should have been paying attention to the little details a long time ago. I mean, look at how much better ICS and JellyBean is over previous versions. A lot of this came from simply hiring someone with a great eye for the details. The Google camp's problem (in my mind) is that they seemed to have poured all of their focus on engineering and not enough on the "softer skills". They are changing that and they are becoming better for it.

"Contrary to what many non-apple fans say, Apple actually makes great products (more often than not) and know how to sell them."

While i will not argue the fact that Steve Jobs was the One True God of Marketing, i disagree with the rest of this statement. FOXCONN makes devices with pretty good build quality, not apple. if apple went with a different manufacturer, their hardware would not be as good, i think. apple software is just not that impressive, if you actually use it. The only thing apple gets right is cross-device ecosystem merging and syncing, which (as much as it pains me to say) android still cannot match.

Apple is a fairly impressive software company with pretty good hardware designs and the world's best marketing and legal teams.

they are NOT a "design company" and they do NOT have ANY technology that is truly their own (at least legitimately)

I think you are splitting hairs here. Most companies use 3rd party assemblers. That does not make the final product a product of said 3rd party assembler.

Assuming Apple is not a design company is probably one of the biggest mistakes their competitors have been making over the years. We're talking about a company that, for example, paid multiple millions just for special drills to make near imperceptible holes in an all metal casing to allow an LED to shine through when everyone else would have just cut a hole the size of the LED ( They are almost anal about their design and it shows in the end product.

On the "no tech of their own" point...all I'll say is if company a (any company) buys the assets of company b (any other company), those assets are now owned by company a. Saying any company does not own something because they bought it is not an argument I'm willing to have. Saying Apple has invented "nothing" is just as silly.

Overall, I agree with you...

One issue I have, however, is that you can't say Google hasn't been paying attention to the little details the whole time. They've been paying a hell of a lot of attention to the details. Not the same details as Apple. But Apple, with iOS, hasn't always paid attention to the details that Google paid attention to with Android. It's Apples vs. Oranges. Apple originally left out several features that nullified the option for them. They focused on design details first and then got to the nitty gritty details later (example is MMS for the early days). Google went the other way--they focused on getting something that works and does everything they wanted it to do, and then turned around to focus on design in it. Both result in the same but have a clear distinction in path.

For me, I'll take Google's approach. I don't need super nice, flashy design. I need something that does everything I want it to. And Android fulfilled that early on. Others won't need those details and will see the nice, flashy design as being a much higher selling point. The real big difference is that they both started out going after 2 different camps of people and now are converging to where they both cover each other's camps well enough that there's some higher competition between them. Which is a great thing.

I honestly see your point, but I disagree with some of it. Here's the difference in my mind.

The Google camp has focused on "features" not details. The Apple camp has focused on details rather than features.

It has long been noted that Apple usually takes the long (too long for many) road towards adding a feature. The MMS feature you mentioned is a perfect example. So is Cut-Copy-Paste.

With Google (and I really mean Android here), you tend to get every feature in the book made available to you.

When we talk about "paying attention to details", it's thinks like when you reach the end of a list while scrolling, it bounces like it would tend to do in real life. Paying millions for drills to make almost undetectable holes for LED lights to shine through when it is much cheaper to cut a hole the size of the LED like most manufactures would have done. Always anchoring the menu to the top of the screen on a Mac so that a user needs less precision to get to it (they did a study that showed a certain percentage of users would miss the menu on a floating window with a mouse and that percentage was reduced when the user could simply "slam their mouse to the top of the screen"). Making sure there is a separate UI thread that has priority so that an iOS user experiences near butter smooth interaction on an iDevice. Where google is fine with something like Skype which is separate from your phone app and contacts, Apple wants users to be able to switch between normal calls and video calls with relative ease. Making sure that developer follow a strict set of criteria for something as simple as an app icon just so that there is a higher level of uniformity on your homescreen/springboard. That sort of thing.

Don't take this the wrong way. I'm by no means stating that Apple is the only company to pay attention to details, or that Google pays absolutely no attention to details (just take a look at the goals of "Project Butter" for proof that Google is now doing this as well), or that Apple always gets it right. What I'm saying is that Apple "tends" to pay more attention to tiny details than their competitors. They keep a good mix of artists on staff because they know we engineers tend to focus of "features".

I just love that Apple spent so much time developing an app tray as their OS. Android uses an app tray, and they offer so many other features that Apple does not because iOS is nothing more than an app tray with a speaking assistant gimmick. Almost no iPhone users even utilize Siri because they quickly learned how useless it is. It RARELY process the information correctly. I will take Widgets, Google Maps, Google Navigation, and customization every single day over an app tray. With Google, I still have my App tray (iOS) but they made it far superior with all of the other feature rich offerings.

As long as you happen to be near your phone when you receive a notification as the very same Glorious notification disappears with no indication or "Notification" if not actioned on, until you next unlock your phone.

My iPhone shows my notifications on my lock screen. My EVO is currently showing a single calendar event on my lock screen even though I've received some emails since I last unlocked it. My Nexus S is only showing that I have notifications on my lock screen but I must unlock it to see what the notifications are.

Seems they all have there way of telling you you have notifications at a glance and all have advantages and disadvantages. For example, I can see my notifications a little faster on iOS because I chose to have them present on my lock screen...but this is a bit of a security risk since others can see basic info contained in the notifications without knowing how to unlock your device. It's always a trade off. What works for some is bad for others.

So, features aren't details and details aren't features? I fail to see how that is true... Every "feature" is a detail. Every detail is either a part of a feature, a part of design, or something along those lines.

Again, all of your "details" that you give Apple are all design details. Which goes right back to my point. Google focused on the details of the features and made the design "good enough". Apple focused on the design and made the features "good enough". So, by me, we're saying exactly the same thing, but you're refusing to consider the attention to detail that goes into making all of these features work and work well (although maybe not looking so nice in the process) which Apple neglected. They both neglected plenty of details pretty much equally, but had different goals in mind from the start--Apple's being more attention to the design details and Google's being more attention to the functionality details. Since, they've both worked well at covering the other details that they missed with their earlier goals (iOS getting all of the MMS, copy-paste, etc. and Android with things such as Project Butter).

As for your specific examples... there's 3 things I have to say:
1. When it comes down to the manufacturers... I will agree that Apple is the better in the vast majority of cases. But I despise most of the manufacturers, so that's an easy win...
2. The menu at the top thing is bugging me in that I cannot figure out how that relates to Android vs. iOS at all...
3. The rest of your points are all brought out of a completely different mindset that Android is developed and maintained under as opposed to iOS. In iOS, Apple thought the high priority UI thread was important. Google thought it wasn't worth the trade-offs and with Project Butter found what they deem better alternatives to achieve the same results (and in the 2 Jelly Bean devices I've used, they did so very successfully). But again, they deemed it more important to work on other details first and get to the buttery UI later when the features were already more thoroughly built out and working well. As for uniformity and your Skype example, to a certain degree, that is a detail that iOS and Android will always differ on. Apple comes from the uniformity and all of that being very important in their walled garden. Google, with Android, came from the perspective that missing that but having an entirely open ecosystem is more important. With the open ecosystem came icons not looking so great some times (because some of those devs are one man teams and can't afford someone to come up with a better icon). That is not lack of attention to detail. It's a focus on completely different details--Apple, again, focusing on design details, and Google, again, focusing on functionality (specifically the functionality of an open ecosystem) details. And Skype... all of my Skype contacts are linked in with my phone contacts and it all works perfectly fine and painless for me. Maybe that's a more recent thing or something...

The Mac menu thing was just another example from the Apple camp. This specific thread is not just an Android vs iOS. The main point was about each camp's attention to details.

You and I don't agree on the difference between a feature and the details of that feature. Maybe I'm coming from a different perspective as a developer? Not sure. When we design a product (application), the list of features is not the same as the list of details (both implementation and design) that go into each feature. Here are some broad example of what I mean (I'll stick to just Android and iOS this time).

Both platforms support scrolling views (that's a feature to me). Both offer similar implementations of that feature. However, the bounce effect is a little extra detail. It's not functionally relevant.

Cut-Copy-Paste is another feature. Both platforms support it now. But take a look at the visual details on the iOS side.

Cursor placement is another feature that both platforms support (the ability to precisely position the cursor in a text field). Again, take a look at some of the details on the iOS side with the magnified text, etc.

Yes, I am speaking of "design, implementation and presentation details" vs features. In my book there is a difference. In my line of work we talk about that difference almost every day.

(repeating one more example, not specific to android or iOS)

Having an LED on your laptop that lights up when your camera is on is a feature. Cutting a hole in the frame to expose the LED (such that the LED is always visible whether on or off) vs hiding the LED behind the frame and using almost invisible holes to allow the light to shine through when on but appear to not be there when off are two applications of details. Neither approach changes the fact that an LED is present and will light up when the camera is on, but the second approach shows a higher level of attention to detail.

I understand that both camps are coming from different mindsets. I'm not disputing that fact at all. I'm also reminding you that I never said nor implied that Google does not pay attention to detail. My argument in this thread is that Apple tends to sweat the small stuff "more" than Google (as in, not "always" but typically more often).

Anyway, as I've stated before. Google is paying more and more attention to details these days and I think that is a great thing. ICS and JellyBean look so much better than the previous versions (I'm talking about their raw form rather than with a manufacturer's skin). Bringing on Matais Duarte was a very smart and necessary move. With him, Google is now sweating details down to the font (and they are doing this despite having a very different approach for their platform). THIS...IS...GOOD!

As Bill Cosby pointed out in an episode of The Cosby Show, the difference between serving a steak on a trash can lid vs a 5-star restaurant lies in the presentation (details).

And no, I'm not saying Android is a garbage can lid or anything like that.

well put but lets not forget that IOS is what.. 2 years ahead of android in development. i mean for the love of god, IOS didnt have MMS, could change backgrounds, or folders til they ironed out some bugs... MMS!!!

So while its all fine and dandy to sit here and pit Android against IOS, lets not forget that IOS has a good lead time for sure! ;)

Actually you've got it the other way around. IPhone may have some out first but android was in development at least 18 months before what we now know of as iOS.

They already did that. Don't you remember, there wasn't an antenna issue, people were just holding the phone wrong.

Apple will launch iphone 5 with jelly bean OS on it and will sue
Google for copying their OS before their invention

They will probably have Jelly Bean before Verizon, but I am still keeping my Nexus...stupid iPhone

I assume that Apple will 'invent' the following

- The SIM Card
- a 'slightly thinner rectangular shaped object'
- An updated "puppy blender" - You do realize that Apple tosses a newborn puppy into the blender to manufacture each iPhone.
- "Slave Labor" at Foxconn
- A tablet shaped computer
- A soul less company
- Political corruption
- A new way to save money on frivolous lawsuits and paying off the USPTO and Legal System
- And assuming HTC and Samsung get their way, they may have to invent a new way to smuggle the products into the US

"Puppy Blender"?! Come on that is completely unfair, blatently unfounded and patently false!

They don't harm puppies in any're confusing puppies with baby seals. Its a known fact that every time someone purchases an iPhone, a baby seal dies. Please try to get your addorable innocent baby animals correct next time!

And for the record, ipads are made from the skeletons of slaughtered baby pandas. Also Unicorns.

No Sir, as of the iOS 6, it is now newborn puppies. They chuck a newborn puppy strait into the blender every time they make a sale. They use a satanic ritual to transfer the puppy soul into the iPhone. They call this "Activation"

The iToilet 2

On topic, it will be the pull down shade. Which will be exactly like Android, with swiping to remove straight from webOS.

I still miss many of the features of WebOS. Fortunately I am finding them more and more common in Jellybean.

We're making fun but the truth is that whatever is launched tomorrow will out sale all the Android devices.

Its always interesting to see what the competetion brings to the table. Because if Apple steps up it forces everyone else to do the same and vice versa.

Apple hasn't "stepped up" in a while, and Android and specifically Samsung have been whooping Apple's ass in sales for a while now, since before Jobs died Apple has been trying badly to catch up with Android

I am putting my money on a new Siri based start page that shows your flight info, weather and sports scores. ie: Google now.

I am also predicting a better drop down notification bar at the top where you can expand your emails to see more of that specific message. (ie: Jelly Bean)

Maybe an Easter Egg somewhere in the OS, 4" display with Super LCD Plus with 0 space between the glass and screen (ie One X)

The ability to take pictures while video recording also. I think those are a few things Apple will steal this time. Well, I guess it is not stealing since Android is open source, they can just borrow without permission.

Oh yeah, Android is Fragmented, but It was already stated they released iOS6, but probably left some things out for the phone launch. That means the OS on the new phone is not iOS6, it is more 6.1. That is such a crock, because Android actually renames it's changes, it is fragmented, but since Apple keeps the names the same, it is not. So if Android was ICS 4.0 (but only Google Now was only on the Nexus) would that be the same thing?

Android's "fragmentation" is more than just OS differences. They are doing much better now, but historically it has been very difficult to keep up with the different devices, skins, versions, features, etc. found in the ecosystem. If a user buys only one Android device, fragmentation becomes less of an issue (until they fall behind in OS version). However, when a none-tech user switches to a different android device, they "might" be faced with a different skin, hardware buttons placed in a different order, different OS version, etc. It is with those users, developers and accessory OEMs that fragmentation creates the largest issues.

Android's fragmentation allows for more "choice" but charges a fee in the form of "compatibility".

iOS' "less fragmentation" allows for much more compatibility but charges you in terms of "choice".

Pick your platform, and some really bad eggs, then drink up me hearties...yo ho.

I've had a similar "Fragment" rant going for sometime.
I had a dieing 3GS but was waiting for the 5. My wife has a 4.
then Apple announced iOS 6. But...oh wife's phone already doesn't have Siri but now also wouldn't be getting a bunch of their other new features..i.e. GPS.

Isn't that just the same thing as fragmentation. But since they are clever with their marketing they literally seem to fool people into thinking everything is 1 big shared ECO-System.

I am now a proud Galaxy S3 owner and couldn't be happier.

But you know what..I found that there are apps in Google Play that Samsung doesn't allow me to get. (I was all set to download Dark Knight Rises when the movie came out...but NOPE)

In the end its just a!. each device/OS/carrier seem to offer their pros/cons.

And really they all are pretty much pulling from the same ECO system in the end. Really how many "mainstream" apps are available for Android vs. IOS vs. Amazon vs. Google....Apple....etc?

On my 3Gs and now my S3 I have all the same banking, music and news apps. Literally the SAME!
(to be honest though...ONE App I am missing, I was pretty deep into Shutterfly but there is no Android Shutterfly app.)

But once again I love my Galaxy S3. Is it because of Android? Widgets? or just cause its 3 years newer than my 3GS was?

The only thing I'll add to this is that there is a difference between older products not supporting newer features (something that will be an issue for any platform) compared to two brand new (current) devices coming out with varying degrees of compatibility despite being a member of the same ecosystem.

This is the genius and curse of Android. You can get all the choice you need because of it but you often suffer the consequences as well. There are people with Android devices that were released AFTER the latest version of the OS was announced who will never have the option of upgrading that device through normal channels.

Read that last sentence again as it points to a key difference.

OR, the manufacture can create their own business and offer a 100 rebate for upgrades, ie GOOMO.

No, Apple will just upgrade the OS on your phone and make it un-usable so you are forced to pay another $600 for a new phone. The only reason fragmentation is even considered, is there are a million Android phones and only 5 iPhones and iPod touches. And you are right, the most common user will never know.

Also, the Carriers are hurting themselves. Like with Samsung and upgrading via Kies. This hurts the Android experience, I have a friend that is on Froyo, since she does not know how to upgrade her T mo Galaxy S 4G. I have tried to help, but unless I do it for them, it probably won't happen. Android has the OTA, but T-Mo won't use it...

Do they really upgrade you? I didn't get my upgrade until I chose to have it. One of my test devices was just upgraded to iOS 5.1 last month only because I was using it to test a specific issue in an app. The device itself was never "forced to update". Not sure where you were going with that comment.

Also, selling you a device based on an older version of the OS after the newer OS is already available and then offering you $100 off another multi-hundred dollar device is not something to be rewarded. Seriously.

Anyway, my point wasn't that fragmentation didn't exist on other platforms, I was simply explaining part of the deeper issue of fragmentation that Android faces. Not sure why that has to be turned into something else, even Google is fully aware of the problem and has been working at reducing its effects. This is a good thing.

taharka & Curly..
Sorry if I came off as disagreeing I really wasn't..I was trying to actually agree and just saying there is some funny ways people view all of this. And how some isheep side all the way with Apple.

Thanks for the link to Shutterfolio, I've checked it out and just never pulled the trigger. (How's that for adding to the "fragmentation" discussion, I'm complaining about having to pay $3!!!!!!! for something.... ;) )

i agree, excellent trollbait. I see that this is related to Android because Apple is the #1 competitor to the Android product. What ever Apple is releasing tomorrow will directly impact Android sales, innovations, and marketing.

The best part is that Android makers and Google can reuse their marketing materials after they stretch them vertically in Photoshop about 15%.

Apple is about to get a dose of your own medicine: Both Samsung and HTC have applied to have the new iPad and iPhone 5 blocked due to LTE patent infringement, and a US judge has pretty much agreed..... The iPhone 5 might not make it...

I understand but you should like check first. Since iPhone 5 or whatever they call it ,is made by Foxconn which have significant % of LTE patent.

New Features for the iPhone 5:
*Finally has the industry standard aspect ratio for the screen!
*iTunes works under Windows 8 without trashing your default programs
*You can download updates automatically without having to constantly type in your iTunes Password
*The settings for your default programs can be accessed in the program, without having to go back to the main menu and then in to "Settings"
*The new keyboard displays "Upper Case" and "Lower Case" letters so you know if you are typing in the right case.
*The OS can be themed in a color other than "Hospital Ward Blue"

Since Apple invented Euclidian geometry when it came up with the shape of the first iPhone, the new iPhone5 will reveal Apple's invention of General Relativity, and iPhone users now will have to learn how to use the iPhone5 in all four dimensions, taking into account the user's gravitaional time dilution (if any), location in space and mass (not to be confused with weight, which we "tech enthusiasts" tend to have too much of).

Everyone is forgetting a "better prcoessor".

Apple ALWAYS invents a "better prcoessor" for each of their iClones. Sure, they invented Android, let it out into the wild, then started to sue everyone who dares use it over their iOS garbage... but come on... BETTER PROCESSOR.

It's like saying you've taken a "better poop". It may be true, but nobody wants any details!

Well, let's see... in the iOS6 preview we already see many clues... Maps that will "change the way you see the world!" ... Sharing to Facebook from any app! ... Passbook! ... Send to voicemail and message reply! Priority inbox in email! Safari iCloud Tabs? Sigh.. this is getting depressing... there has to be SOMETHING new in there somewhere right? Find my iPhone? Nope not new. Find my friends? Nope not new. It's taller tho! And look how stylish that new power adapter plug is! My god, look how small it is now! I'm impressed.

Wow let the pat tent troops I sheep and android fan boy wars begin yet again here we go yay its so beautiful omg this is amazing wait for it wait for it wait for it Samsung HTC Asus call their lawyers and demand to know how crapple got a pat tent and how much they owe them let the mud slinging begin

Im ready for Samsung lawsuit to be filed tommorow against apple for the 4G LTE patents that apple will be violating. Its time for Samsung to get some payback.

corrected me if am wrong didnt samsung made that same comment last year before the 4s came out that they will sue and remind me what happened when it did release NOTHING!!!

For the record, it would be cool to know what Android brought to the table that was never done before. As a package its the most powerful mobile OS but what innovations are specifically attributed to the platform?

Let's see. Google Now, Google Search, widgets, launchers, customizable, and a bunch of others I can't think of right now.

I wish Android would steal from Apple their software update model. Take the carriers completely out of the process.

Errr, No. I live in OZ and the updates for Gnexus are controlled by the carriers and as usual, we don't have JB

And please don't give me the crap on unlocking the device, voiding the warranty and making my phone free excuse.

And seriously, we as a community need to do a better job of pointing out when Apple copies Android. We didn't raise enough hell about the notifications in iOS 5. There, I said it.

No. We did but thing is that the iSheep's reality distortion field was in full effect and it doesn't matter. You see when Apple copies/steals it's OK because Steve Jobs said so himself, "Good artists copy, great artists steal". When someone does that to Apple then it is a no no because they patented stealing and copying. Which is why all their products look like they were made by Braun and their OS now operates in a very similar manner to Android and to an extent WP7/WP8.

I didn't see people complain when Google added LockScreen music control (iOS had it since iPhone OS 1.0 & Android had it in 4.0+) , or the "Drop An Icon Over The Other To Create a Folder" (iOS had it since iOS 4.0 & Android had it in 4.0+) , or a different lockscreen wallpaper ... etc

my point is , that how it goes ! Some times you "Inspire Others" & some times you "Get Inspired by Others" !!! People need to accept this

People don't complain because Google does not claim to have invented every new feature that they were influenced by. People mock Apple because they have the mentality that nothing exists until they implement it and then it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Apple is great at polishing features (even if they are sometimes less powerful) and marketing them to the masses, but the vast majority of every feature on the iPhone can be traced back to a previous product from another manufacturer. To Apple adding the word touchscreen to a patent makes it a new invention when really its the natural evolution of software once capacitive touchscreen became affordable to mass produce.

As for your point, you are exactly correct. Industry moves forward because companies are influenced by the success of others and implement the same features in new ways and then build on top of them even more features that push competitors to repeat the process. Apple just doesn't believe that others should do what they have done for years.

The 4G/LTE addition alone would wow the Isheep. I listen to a radio show in the am where they all appear to use iphones and constantly talk about it like it's the only smartphone under the sun. They don't even realize their phones don't have LTE. Imagine the amazement with all the apple fanboys to see the "amazing" new down and upload speeds, unaware that it is anything but new. That alone will both make me laugh and cry.

the heading should b WHAT ANDROID FEATURE APPLE WILL INNOVATE TOMORROW, u cant invent something thats already there you only can improve it to make it better thats what innovation is only fandroids ediots dont see that.

Pretty sure an iPhone disciple saying Android fans don't see something, is the most ironic statement possible. iPhone fans are the definition of blindness, and refusing to see. By very definition, Android's culture requires the ability to think and "see". Thus the customization and choice. You can make a lot of claims against Android's weaknesses, but now you're just making Apple fans look bad.

because the heading says it all android didnt invent nothing android is based on simbian and windows if you havent notice they all are open OS people said android invented notification bar but that was in windows long before android was invented and when apple used it fandroids said apple stole it from google

Maybe they'll finally be able to say that a phone gets a reliable 4G LTE connection on Verizon? (too soon?)

What a way to screw up a perfectly good birthday. Think I will drink a beer, and tinker with my Nexus 7 instead.

Anyone getting a McKayla Maroney meme ready for the new apple fanboy product? "Oh, this is the best oxygen, it's iOxygen, it lets me breath the best iAir ever made!"

Rex Manning Day, that's great! I doesn't matter what they come out with tomorrow, it won't be an android phone. :)

I want to say that apple is going bring/steel camera innovations like and allow developers to take over the camera In the Locks screen like windows phone.

I hate to say it but I wish they 'copied' NFC.

No Android manufacturer has gotten any real momentum with NFC adoption but I have a feeling once the iPhone supports NFC it will become ubiquitous.


We were building a business around NFC because we thought it would go mainstream with Android. When that didn't happen we pivoted away from the idea and noted that we'd revisit the notion if Apple took a shot at it for the very reason you mentioned. I agree with you. Lets see if it happens at some point.

A real shot in the US Economy. All those phones from this Great US company, but wait, aren't they all made in a very beat down, under paid sweat shop that the employees are committing suicide just to end the madness. Oh and isn't that factory in China?? So how does this help the US Economy. I know that Apple's patent stealing and constant litigation is costing the American taxpayer big bucks. I will never buy another Apple product, that is how I feel.

It's making Apple a bunch of money. Sure it's all made in China, but 65% of the cost of an iPhone is pure fruity profit. It'd be about 55% profit if they made it in the US, but hey have to get that extra 10% so they can pay the lawyers to innovate (pronounced litigate).

Lol, imagine if the iPhone gets banned during Tim cooks speech

"oh hold up. It appears you guys are not receiving the iPhone 5. It has been banned."

All i khow is no apple shell ever touch these's hands of feet or whatever.

Veva la android !!

Apple polishes Android stuff, let's just say it out loud. They also make things hip and mainstream because they are Apple and people buy into their hype.

That said, they don't innovate. As a matter of a fact, how long did it take for the iPhone to stop depending on third party apps for simple tasks, and actually for Apple to start creating some.

Apple's innovation died a while ago, and I am crossing my fingers right now that Samsung isn't only planning to sue Apple over the "Probably included" LTE features in the new iPhone, but they plan to actually cripple the iPhone's sales this year to a Nokia-like level (We can also assume the GS3 already did that, but what's the harm in Overkill?)

I love you Phil Nickinson. Just wanted to let you know that. This article was great way to start my afternoon

Seriously guys, who cares what options go where?
Theres options android wanted from apple and did them, and things apple wnated that android did.
No which one does it better, everyones preference of better is different.
People just need to enjoy whatever device they want.
There are features on android that feel more polished by HTC then Samsung and vice versa.
Same thing applies to apple vs android.
The silly thing is trying to act like one is better then the other.

Are you fighting saying cars are better then trucks? Whole wheat is better then white bread?
No, who cares, again its personal preference.
Get over yourselves, your devices, and enjoy who them for what they are. Let others enjoy their devices for what they are.
You all sound like 2 year old kids fighting over what ball is more bouncy.
Real mature guys, reeeeeal mature.

what's wrong with liking both apple and android? i think they both do some things very well. fragmentation is the only thing holding android back. even the latest nexuses were slow at getting updates. but other than that they both do what they're intended to do.


The problem is when you point out what one does better than the other in comparison, you get shot in the face by a fan boy. It happens on all sites dedicated to a particular platform. The same nonsense happens when Renne posts an anti-android article up over at imore. It's just the way people are I suppose.

They'll come up with an innovative, first-ever, multiple applications screen function. Before the iPhone5, when you wanted a particular program, you'd pop up the applications list and scan down until you found the one you wanted. With the iPhone5, you'll be able to set up multiple applications screens with the icons of your choice on them, so you can have a screen for your fart sound boards, and a screen for your Twilight e-books, and so on. It's amazing and it's only available on the Apple iPhone5.
(and they'll say this with a straight face.)

Hi Phil Nickinson! I have one question for you, as you viewing almost every smartphone and Iphone comes out.
Please can you make a reviw for Iphone4 and Iphone4S and point out for us as a readers, where is the 200 features always Apple claiming add it to the 4S from the Iphone 4! That`s just example, because Apple always claiming that and people believe them, to me, I`d like to see that in fact, not just talking.
I`m waiting for a reply from any Iphone users or from the AC editors.

NFC defenetly..... you guys better pray for that since that would be huge boost for this tech.... and it's not Android feature btw as Wifi is not :p

Apple OS was cool years ago, now its just ridiculously boring and I don't think Apple will invent anything new and cool in next release unless they copy Android. IOS needs a complete make over, staring at 9 icons on 3.7'' display 24/7 is not that exciting

Ahhh... these comment threads here and everywhere else are classic. People argue like if they are employees defending their employers in Google or Apple meanwhile they laugh all the way to the bank haha