What's all this, then?

Android Central Redesign

Oh, hello Android lover - welcome to the all-new Android Central! We've been spending the past few months giving your favorite site for Android forums, reviews, news, and information a whole new look and bringing new functionality to every page you visit.

Of course, any big redesign can bring bugs, so please go on and tell us both the good and the bad in this forum thread (and, yeah, please clear your browser cache if things look really bad). We'd love to take you on a quick tour, so join us, won't you?

The New Look

 Android Central

We like it, and we hope you do too. Sure, our words and photos now have a much prettier wrapper, but so do yours - check out the comments and the forums. Our team spent as much time sweating how your contributions to the Android community look as our own posts.

The forums have a cleaner, clearer design and we've added features to every post that give you a clearer indication of which members are active. As always, you simply need to join our Android Community to get the full-width experience of the best and most-helpful Android Forums around!

Finding Android Content

Android Central Subnav

Truth: there is a lot of information on Android Central and even if you read every single blog post on the homepage every day, you're still not seeing everything we put up on the site. So we've added sub-navigation to near every page to help you find your way. Each section helps you both know where you are and find the biggest Android news and reviews on the site.

We've revamped all of our article listings to include more and clearer information about what you're clicking into. We've added a new Videos section to showcase the moving images we've posted. We've added links to the most popular Android Phones by carrier in the forums. We've added links to our Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds up top. We've added ....a lot.

More to come ...

What we've done so far is primarily a re-skinning so the site doesn't feel so last-decade. What's next, though, is also going to be pretty exciting. We'll be taking the covers off some new features just as soon as we've got 'em ready, but in the meantime please do go on and tell us what you think in the comments here and let us know if you find bugs in this forum thread. Our glorious mascot, Lloyd, will thank you.


Reader comments

Welcome to the newly redesigned Android Central!


It Does Look Good, But.....

(As A Joke)--> Who's Pimpin' Who Here At AndroidCentral From CrackBerry Because We Have BlackBerry Posts And Now The Lay Out Is The Same.

I Like It Though!!!

Nice! I was in the forums, clicked on a link, and all of a sudden the layout was different haha. I had to come back to the front page to see what was up.

Nice! Had to do a doubletake as I was already on the site, and went back to the main article page to see the changes. I was like... "what happened??"

the mobile version is nice also. is there a direct link to say my post? instead of going into my account and clicking what I post

I like the new look. But IMHO the forums now has way too much wasted screen real-estate. Fonts are too huge, and line/cell spacing a bit much. There's a lot of scrollin goin on now lol!

+1, I don't mind updated graphics, but the new layout looks busy and I preferred the old layout as the information was more clearly laid out. Don't mind extra info, but keep the presentation minimal and stream lined.

imo, I thought the old layout was minimal and classic, not dated.

The mobile site got a little upgrade but the forums still look the same on the mobile site. I don't like the fact that there is no link to the home page if you are in the forums.

Internet goes down for an hour (thanks BrightHouse) and when it comes back up, this is what i get to look at? Talk about early B-Day present!!!!!! nice look AC team!!!!

I really like the new look and now it is more on par with the look of CB's site and now if the whole SPE could catch on we would be good.

The only recommendation I would make, do it all in flash so that our iPhone/iPad friends (if you want to call them that) can have a special experience. Of course, this could make it more difficult for Phil when he's posting from his iPad

Was using the mobile version and noticed a few changes. Clicked on the full site, very nice. Don't have my XOOM with me right now but think it'll look awesome on it.

I've just gotta say: the simple fact that logging in now automatically brings me back to the page I was on instead of the main page like it used to, means I LOVE the new design.

nice upgrades, the only suggestion would have been to retouch the comment rating system, instead of having 1 star = spam, keep the 3 star system but add a spam option on the side.

Very much agree. Too many people use 1-star for non-spam. A spam tag should be something separate.

This! Make it happen AC. There's something about giving a bad post 2 out of 3 stars that seems wrong. That's a ~67% rating and last I checked, that was a passing/ok score. Adding the spam option on the side would be great.

Liking the new look a lot! Nice, clean, modern, and it keeps the core features in familiar, easy to find spots - gawker could learn a thing or two from you guys. :D

OUTSTANDING!!! For a while, I thought I was in a "foreign" forum and had to use my bookmarks to be sure it was the right place. There's a major WOW! factor in your redesign and I'm lovin' it!! Notice you have deleted the titles for reaching certain posting counts. I think that's a positive thing, especially for those who use nefarious means to boost that count. (how's that $2 word - nefarious?) Excellent work guys and gals!

for a minute there I didn't know where I was. I thought I clicked on a bad link....looks good!!! Love the new layout...my favorite site on the whole Web actually got better...didn't think it was possible..Good Job!!!!

Nice refresh! Like others, I was in the forums first when the new design hit me like a breath of fresh air! :-)

Honest feedback from a fan of the site -- I find the home page a tab busy for my taste. I also wish the font of the bulleted items in the header was closer to the font (size and weight) used in other items in the header. I think that I would have preferred to see the "Who's who" be a separate page instead of anchoring the bottom of the sidebar.

Nice job overall, though. I like the color scheme and icon choices.

The funny thing is, it looks like the change wne through when I clicked on the 'Forums' link and I got all sorts of confused for a second....lol

Looks good though!!

Great work...

Only problem is that it makes the browser here at work (IE8) get all crazy-eyed and slow :(

A charm on my personal computer, though!

While it does look nice & organized, there is wasted space at the top of the page.

I used to refresh the main page several times throughout the day, the latest news & its pic was within view of my screen. Now, all I see is the ad at the top, a large section with 3 pictures under the header section, and just outside of view is the latest news headline. I now have to refresh & scroll down to see what I used to be able to just refresh. Some of us are on laptops and our screens are smaller than those 21-27" monitors.

But, I do like how organized each of the headlines are & the comments are equally organized.

Meh. I'll be the stick-in-the-mud. While it is apparent a lot of work went into this update, I liked the old look and feel.

Liking the update. A lot better than some other site's recent upgrades *cough gawker networks cough*

Redesigns can always go the wrong direction and rub people the wrong way - Every Gawker site for instance - But IMHO this site looks really nice - Definitely going in the right direction. Congrats.

Comments font is SH!T. Please change it to something simpler - Verdana, Tahoma, Segoe, Arial, MS San Serif... You got the idea.

The comments look TOO BUSY with all the grey boxes that hold the member's name and the date. I like the background of the actual comment itself - just don't like the grey boxes above each comment.

Aside from that, this looks like Crackberry.com - just blue. :) Nice.

While there is a lot of stuff going on in the comments area with all the grey boxes, I still think it looks better than the old way and is easier to read. Nice.

What about the app? Will that be updated/expanded as part of this refresh?

I like the overall redesign; however, the comment look a little busy. I was hoping you guys would change the star ratings to something like a thumbs up or down.

But overall, I love the redesign. I thought I was on the wrong page for a second. lol.

I may just be missing it but something just seems off in the forums. In the past it was easily accessible to get back and forth from the icons that you had at the top. IE: I would be in apps and wanted to just to evo I could click a huge button adn get there. Where did they go.

wow this is really nice. all of the little things around the website really put it together. it is the best android news websites, and now it looks like one!

It looks amazing but guys IT'S THE SLOWEST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD AND IMPOSSIBLE ON ANDROID DEVICES!!! Why? Nexus One and Nexus S over WiFi takes a painfully long time to load and does not scroll down smoothly for a while. Same thing on the PC - it does not scroll smoothly on a fast machine over fast connection for a few seconds. The new version is WORSE than the horribly slow older version.

Optimize! PLEASE!!!!! I want to view on Android devices!!!! Who uses the PC?

Love the content though you guys rock!

If you think this site is slow, you've never opened Crackberry.com. It's really painful! When I was a Blackberry guy, I used to wait until nap time to open it. When I awoke, it was just finishing the home page. So Android Central is a speed demon in comparison. lmao Plus, I love the new look...much cleaner.

AWESOME look !!!! I have no problems viewing on my Evo 4G...LOADS VERY FAST AND SMOOTH.....especially using Opera Mobile browser!!
keep up the great work !

I got demoted in the forums. Android Pro to Junior Member. Yay.
Looks good though. Like anything else it will take some getting used to.

Still too much garbage on the right side, which makes loading the full site on mobile phones a pain. I know there's a mobile site, but who loads that when you can have the whole experience?

i like the new look. i love the speed of the front page. it used to take about 10 seconds for the content to load. good job.

Well, I almost never post anything, despite being a daily obsessive reader. I love the new look. It's better on all counts.