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Chances are, if you have an iOS device you have one or more applications from Google installed. If you're like me, you have most of them installed. Google's services are extremely popular amongst iOS users, and platforms that don't have them are filled with users that want them. That's Google's strong point — Internet services — and they are damn good at it.

But is this level of support for a competing platform a good idea? When Google updates one of their apps for iOS, there is always a few from the Android camp who aren't happy about it and think Google should let iOS users fend for themselves with other services, like Bing or Yahoo! mail. On the other side of the fence are people who think support for the end-user is paramount, and both Google and Apple should do the right thing and provide services people want to the people who want them, regardless of who built their mobile device. I fall into this camp.

We're trying to find the median here. Not the voice of the haters who would like nothing more than to see Apple go away, nor the voice of the crazy ones who think everyone should get along. You all can help us find it. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, or after the break if you're mobile. Let us know what you think.

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Gekko says:

free and open always beats out closed and proprietary in the long run.

also - Google's model is about maximizing eyeballs and monetizing services. and that's what this does.

and the network effect of more people using Google services despite platform benefits us all.

frozencloud says:

Unfortunately Google's response to those youtube app on WP doesnt seem right.

1746bklynave says:

I disagree. Google doesn't have to support Microsoft or it's platform. Google should just have a blind eye for the Scroogle campaign Microsoft has going on.

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This comment. Microsoft bags on Google with their "Scroogle" campaign and then begs them for software. Funny how things work, Microsoft.

tr-1 says:

Yep. Gotta teach them a lesson.

this is why you don't run a company.

The Scroogle campaign is a business strategy. It's a little petty, I'll grant, but that's all it is.

Google's decision to effective shun Windows Phone seems personal. Also, let's be perfectly clear. Their attitude toward WP began BEFORE the Scroogle thing.

Google not spending money to develop apps for a tiny platform is also a business strategy, it called not helping a competitor gain market share.

planoman says:

Actually, msft developed the you tube app on their own and put it in the windows phone store and once Google found out and used legal means to get it pulled. Why allow an iOS app but not wp?

Not everyone is a single platform user. I self identify as an android user but I also have iphone &ipads, and a windows phone. I want a seamless experience across all of my devices.

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return_0 says:

Because Microsoft's YT app violated the YT TOS.

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drokssilva says:

Google has ridiculous terms for their development.

Sent from inside a cave.

Perhaps but it's their right.

Google does not want WP to have a YouTube app because there is nothing in it for them. If WP grows Google will invest the resources and give them their app (which Google will make money on). If they let them have it for free now it will be that much harder to license it to them in the future.

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kullkid92x says:

There is not much you or anyone here can say to convince many CROSS PLATFORM users that what Google is doing to WP is okay, any sort of strategy, or any other crap.

Arent the numbers finally showing WP to have more than 10% market share in several countries? even out pacing iOS in some of those respective countries...

Imagine if every big name company went by these rules... pfft Android wouldn't have taken off lol you gotta start somewhere, why not have your many web services/apps available on the store already? They are already losing customers/data (google LOVES data) to various third party apps on the WP store. It doesn't make sense. It does smell of personal hatred though?

Can you be that scared of Microsoft that you think supporting your cross platform customers with some apps is going to help WP marketshare so much? lol we all know Android is going to be the Windows of phone operating systems. No one is going to over take it.

djb74 says:

What about Google's attitude toward Windows 8? The only Google app in the Windows Store (for desktops and RT) is their search app. No Gmail. No YouTube. No Keep. Yes you can access those services through the browser, but that also means no live tiles.
While Windows Phone has a small (but growing) user base, Windows 8 must be larger and worthy of development.

PCoff says:

Well put. I find it ironic that Google is taking the same stance towards WP as Apple took towards Android.

TenshiNo says:

It's a bit more complicated than just their "attitude". A big part of the problem is that MS wants Google to develop their app a certain way that actually violates Google's own TOS on the YouTube API. Google says they won't develop it the way MS wants, and MS says their platform won't support how Google wants to build the app.

Basically, Google's position, for some time now, has been "we'll give you a YouTube app when you update WP8 to support the modern standards."

I'm not even sure I would call that "petty", so much as just being sticklers.


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MilanoP says:

Everyone who is using all these Google Apps should use an Android phone. iOS users can use alternatives and WP users have the Microsoft services like SkyDrive or Hotmail.

hmmm says:

Wasn't Microsoft essentially taking youtube minus the ads though? I agree with sharing but not with modifying them like that. YouTube and other Google services aren't open source the way Android is.

iowabeakster says:

That might be it...

I just remember it as Google to sticking a thumb in the eye of MS, after MS had just pulled one of their typical shenanigans. Google had provided support for some email based features (or something), for the benefit of google users (owning MS based devices), and MS then tried to to shut google out of some other thing.

So Google stooped to MS's level of behavior in response. I don't remember exactly what it was, tit for tat.

But I did applaud Google for saying that the reason they pulled support for mobile MS, in that case (don't even know what their mobile OS is called), was that the user base was too small to make the investment in supporting it.

Google can and should provide their services to whatever OS makes sense to keep people using their services.

kalo88 says:

Microsoft agreed to comply by adding ads but Google still refused.

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Even Late Steve Jobs blasted Android and vowed to go "thermonuclear". But that did not stop Google from releasing apps on iOS. It's all about marketshare. Google, MS and Apple are too corporate a setup to get hurt by these ad campaigns and flaming interviews. As soon as Windows Phone's marketshare reaches a critical mass (which should be pretty soon, given the momentum it has in emerging markets), Google will definitely start making apps on that.

It is also that Google does not want to share with Microsoft the details of how it deploys ads on YouTube, which is why they asked that Microsoft use HTML5. They are fine with YouTube apps for iOS because Apple does not compete on search or ads.

wrich73 says:

Why are people even arguing about Microsoft on this thread? Windows 8 is a flop. The only people I know using a windows phone are either paid / forced to do so.

Hopefully Microsoft/Nokia will wise up and make an Android base/windows shell (ala Sense) device that would give people the best of both worlds.

Yes. Like I said above, Google wasn't making any money from the Microsoft YouTube app so they shut it down.

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ELavar says:


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CellGuy says:

May rub the Android fanatics a little wrong. But, for what Google is about, this is a good thing for them. Get there products in as many hands as possible. Regardless of OS. Heck this may even make people switch to Android down the rode.

tr-1 says:

I'm an Android fan(atic) and I think it's a great move. I don't get why anyone would object.

technomom says:

I'm not exactly sure why it would rattle Android fans. I'm an Android fan and I think this is brilliant. Google is essentially using a "infection" strategy against both Apple and Microsoft. Make your apps the most compelling "platform" within each. With iOS, it is doing it with a full court app press. With Windows, it is doing it with its non-Metrolike, ChromeOS lookalike Chrome app.

Training wheels to get users over to Google.


hmmm says:

Google cares about revenue from ads which means they care about getting their products to as many people as possible. I'd say for their bottom line it is a great thing. Personally I don't really care either way. I like choice and want people to have choice. Choice is good for competition.

However, if Google apps are a large portion of what you use a phone for I think you would be better off using Android.

Hunter Petit says:


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TenshiNo says:

Getting their services into the hands of as many people as possible is *exactly* why they made Android open source in the first place. Their strategy is "if the whole world has a smart phone, that increases the number of people who are likely to use Google services".

Pretty clever strategy, IMO. And it certainly seems to be working, if you follow Google's earnings statements.

shoii says:

I think it's great they have for both platforms. However I wouldn't mind faster updates for Android first :)

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ki11ak3nn says:

This!! I thought I remember Google updating the YouTube app for iOS before Android and I thought to myself "What parallel universe am I living in??"

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Anon8154066 says:

The reason I personally voted fend for themselfs is that iOS is locked and doesn't share anything not that I would personally choose anything ios . maybe that is shortsighted perhaps and maybe a little childish android and Google play are open source and yes what da hell go for it I have now changed my mind so it seems.

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Actually it's just the base Android OS that is open source, none of Google's apps or services are, they are all closed and proprietary. Though they do provide many great API's to tap into those services.

I think Google should keep apps available to other OS's, but maybe keep some features Android exclusive. Oh and make sure Android gets the updates first.

Just wish Apple would return the favor occasionally. Yeah right...

eahinrichsen says:

Yeah, I'm just dying for an Android version of Apple Maps. :-)

But really, which iOS applications do you want to see? iTunes would be useful for a lot of people, I suppose, but I doubt Google would be all that excited about allowing it, since it would eat into Google Play revenue. Maybe their messaging app?

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lol I wouldn't use the Apple applications, but it would just be nice to see. I bet there would be some people that would benefit though.

Lynx says:

iMessage/Facetime cross platform would be amazing. Its the only feature my iPhone has that my Moto X doesnt that I really miss when I am using the X.

ThaCooLoser says:

Hangouts is our version of FaceTime and iMessages sorta... but I agree, more widely distributed if those became cross-platform. That's almost their best feature they have in terms of usefulness

Quasar says:

Tell your iOS friends and family to download Hangouts. I've never compared the two but with Hangouts, at least you can still chat and do video calls across platforms.

Tbayrgs says:

Personally, I'd love to see iTunes, iMessage, FaceTime, and Safari available cross platform. I like Chrome browser for desktops but its mobile iterations are crap comparatively. Having a single quality browser that was synced across all devices is ideal and only Safari and Chrome offer this functionality. Chrome lets me stay synced across all computer and mobile OS but Safari is a far better experience on mobile devices. I guess if Google would just put some work into Chrome on Android it wouldn't be an issue. ;)

I think the appeal of the other 3 apps speaks for itself. Realistically of course I don't expect to see any of them available any time soon.

iTunes is cross platform, why you would want it is another story. Facetime was supposed to be an open protocol, then Apple changed it's mind.

Tbayrgs says:

Really? Got a link for the iTunes Store in Google Play you could share with us? How about the iTunes Music app where I can stream iTunes Radio or my library in iTunes Match? Or download the music that I've already purchased in iTunes?

Hunter Petit says:

If I could get some Apple apps I would get Apple Maps, I message/Face time, and Garage Band.

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TenshiNo says:

You keep that abomination they call iTunes away from my Android! ;P

Seriously, I have an iPod touch that I quit using simply because I couldn't *stand* iTunes anymore. Why, in the name of all that is holy, does it take half an hour to "sync" when all I did was add one song to my library? And then, sometimes, it doesn't even show up on the iPod after. And don't even get me started about how many little system processes iTunes leaves running the back ground on my computer 24/7... And god forbid you should ever have the harddrive with your iTunes library on it die. And, before you ask, yes, I did have a backup. Unfortunately, when I installed iTunes on the new machine, it wouldn't let me restore the backup and forced me to wipe the entire iPod and start over.

ok... I'm gonna end this before I really start getting upset just thinking about iTunes.

artnoc310 says:

Agree completely. ITunes is the worst piece of software I've ever used. Even compared to Microsoft Bob. Running my iPod through the washer and dryer was the best mistake of my life.

When I first looked into spotify as soon as I saw it looked like iTunes I deleted it. Google All Access Music is my go to subscription service.

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gamefreak715 says:

+1 I use GPMAA all the time. Yes, it needs some refinement and more features, (Like drag and drop instead of drop menus to add a song to a playlist) (User-made playlist exploration) but on the whole, it is the best.

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eahinrichsen says:

Yeah, I'm just dying for an Android version of Apple Maps. :-)

But really, which iOS applications do you want to see? iTunes would be useful for a lot of people, I suppose, but I doubt Google would be all that excited about allowing it, since it would eat into Google Play revenue. Maybe their messaging app?

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UJ95x says:

They get a lot of the major apps before Android does. Even though the Play Store has most of the apps that the App Store has, a lot of them are still iOS exclusive :(

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We specifically talking about Apple made iOS apps.

technomom says:

Well, there's iMessage, okay that's it.

TenshiNo says:

You're correct, but we're actually seeing that trend start to wan a bit. There's been all this propaganda that developers don't make any money on Android, or that it's really hard to develop for, etc that has kept some developers from really pursuing Android development. And, some of that is not entirely unfair. But new studies of development studios is finding that more and more of them are not only looking to target Android (where they didn't before) or are not looking at releasing Android first.

Software development companies could only ignore Android owning 75% of the global smart phone market for so long... ;)

My husband and best friend both routinely send me imessages from their ipads and don't understand why I don't get them. I would happily use it if I could because it is simple for my husband to use and he simply won't learn to use an alternative.

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eszklar says:

Google isn't interested iOS per se (relative to Android) - but they are interested in the services they provide for iOS users. Its a win-win for Google Services with iOS users. I don't see the downside.

ThaCooLoser says:

The downside is, Since iPhone is becoming more Android like, it's causing a more-of-a-less reason to switch to Android.

I was hoping hangouts was more like iMessage because why lie, it's a great feature. I'm a huge Android fanatic but I still loves all technology. iPhone has awesome apps I wish I could of tried but not needed for that matter but still. I'll also admit their camera software is nice...but giving ios users Android google apps would slow down potentially. Either way excited to see what's next in the tech industry =]

TenshiNo says:

I will agree with you about iPhone having cool apps, but I have to disagree that iOS is becoming more "Android-like" in any meaningful way. They've "adopted" a few ideas from Android's playbook, but it's still no where near having enough features to really sway someone looking at Android-like features. Frankly, I don't think iOS ever will have many of the features that Android has (like intents/sharing) simply because of Apple's mentality. I really see them doing the same thing with the iPhone that they did with the Macintosh.

They made a great machine that was approachable to the Average Joe. Problem is, eventually, Average Joe gets comfortable with technology and is ready to take the training wheels off. So much of Apple's marketing machine is based around their phone being "hip" and I really think some of that is starting to wear off.

I'm not saying that the iPhone is going anywhere, because I don't think it is. But I do think we're going to see iPhone market share drop down into the 15-25% range, globally, within the next two years. And if you think that sounds crazy, they're only at about 27% right now.

And one more thing... every body talks about how great the iPhone camera is, but my father can't get a decent photo out of his iPhone 4S to save his life unless he has a "perfect" photo-taking environment. Maybe we just couldn't find them, but are there really *no* settings for adjusting stuff like white-balance in the iPhone camera software?

KevinM2k says:

Updates on both yes, but they should delay the ios launch for a month or something like that to give people a reason to choose android over ios. Similar to how users choose a nexus over things like the htc's/samsungs.

jdevenberg says:

It took them four or so months to take Google Play Music to iOS. The Hangouts update is really the only major thing I can think of that was iOS first, and Google has already allueded to this being because they are working on something bigger and better for Android.

sirheck says:

Keep your friends close. But keep your enemies closer.

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TenshiNo says:

Love thy neighbor, but keep your shotgun well oiled.


Simon Sage says:

Google apps are easily my most used on iPad.



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ajpri says:

Google is a company that creates cloud-based products to help people. One of their products happens to be leading the OHA and managing android. I get mad when people call it "Google Android" because it's a lot more than that.
Google started with search and added more products (including Android). Google needs to still care about their other products and support them.

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sinisin says:

Google is about making money. I'm quite sure that they didn't let Apple off the hook cheaper considering the rivalry. From my personal perspective I think it's overall a bad decision, but at the same time necessary because people who chose to buy an iPhone may work for a company who uses Google to host their sites. Google could crush Apple very literally. People would be forced to abandon iPhones, or at the very least adopt an Android as well, but who really wants to lug around two phones. Despite the hard core Android guys who despise Apple, usually for their end users, or NSA spying, competition is good and I think Google recognizes that. It's good to keep in mind that Google is growing and has reach far beyond Apple. Any time Google wanted to, they could swat Apple like a gnat. This isn't just Android vs iPhone. The companies behind the products are almost world's apart. It's funny to me why anyone would buy an iPhone. People just don't care about privacy I guess. Just because you don't have anything to hide doesn't mean you should offer up everything about you willingly.

What are you even talking about? lol

a3uge says:


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jdevenberg says:

As an Android user, I am glad Google supports iOS. A large number of my relatives use iOS. I don't want to convince them to come to Android, because I do not want to be their tech support if they need help. However, Since Google supports iOS, I can still use Google services with them. We send money back and forth with Wallet. I message my wife with Hangouts (from PC and phone). We collaberate on documents with Drive. I have photos set to auto upload to Google+ for several of them for simple backup I can trust. My wife can play movies I buy on Google Play through YouTube (and now the official Google Play app) and put them on our Chromecast for our daughter. A phone should be about connecting you with those who you care about, and Google gets that. I shouldn't have to choose my phone based on what my friends and family use in order to get the most out of it. If Google didn't support iOS, I would probably end up switching to iOS so I could use iOS only features with my friends and family. Since Google does support iOS, I can stay on Android happily while not missing out on the social features that are part of what make smartphones so great.

You my good man have said it all

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shaggie04 says:

Nailed it.


awdsti4u says:

This is exactly how I feel, & I personally like that I can pick up my mac if my phone isn't available & use the Google Apps that I love.

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TenshiNo says:

Well said.

Another way to look at it is if Google services are this good on iOS imagine how they work on Android.

Alex_Hong says:

In the perfect world, we would be able to pick and choose the best services from various providers and use it on our smartphones no matter the platform.

darklordzim says:

I am not an iOS fan, at work, I'm forced to do iPad support on top of laptop support, and by far the MOST calls we get are iPad trouble. That being said, End-Users seem to LOVE the devices, and most people use google services either on chrome, or Android. I think it would be absolutely stupid for google to NOT make apps for every popular platform out there. My beef only happens when they provide features or updates faster on competitor platforms, which doesn't normally seem to happen. They seem to make the updates for web/android first, then roll them out to iOS and windows, so in that sense, I feel they are handling it the best way they can as a company.

(tho, as an Android Die-hard, I'd LOVE to see APPLE give google the boot... if google pulled support it would hurt their image, but if it came from the fruit-basket, it would cause users to migrate to the better OS)

nyc_rock says:

It makes perfect sense for Google to make their services available to IOS users. What makes no sense is Google's refusal to extend the same level of service to Windows phone users.

retsaw says:

Why? Windows Phone just doesn't have the market share that iOS does.

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nyc_rock says:

That would have been valid a year ago. There is enough support for WP now to make it credible and popular enough to support the key google apps. Maybe not everything, but the core apps? Absolutely.

You need to prove that with numbers, the numbers I can find show in 2013 WP only has 3.6% marketshare, which does not sound cost effective for Google AT ALL.

planoman says:

That is probably several million devices. But agreed it is a market share issue. Wp should continue to grow rapidly this year. I got a lumia 925 for Christmas to have a good camera on my phone. I swap the SIM on the weekend when I take the majority of my pics. I would like to have access to Google apps like gmail, drive, keep, you tube etc.

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planoman says:

That is probably several million devices. But agreed it us a market share issue. Wp should continue to grow rapidly this year. I got a lumua 925 for Christmas to have a good camera. I swap the SIM on the weekend when I take the majority of my pics. I would like to have access to Google apps like gmail, drive, keep, you tube etc.

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TenshiNo says:

Part of the issue is the utter inability of WP8 to do HTML5. Google doesn't want Microsoft being able to see how it does its algorithms, so they want to use HTML5 so that it all happens on their server (where MS can't decompile the code) but MS won't adopt the freaking web-standards that everyone else adopted 3 years ago.

Speedygi says:

Google sells data, not software or devices per having iOS on board for your apps works towards that goal.

ENG618 says:

Of course it is a good thing, it shows how Google cares about people not only people who are fanatics. I think this is what holds Apple back, their attitude isn't necessarily about caring about the users, it honestly more like "it's my way or the high way."

I feel like every app should be cross platform, that is the beauty of the market...choice!! That is how you know if you have a good following like Google does because regardless of the platform, they are on top with the services they provide.

DaFonZisBack says:


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snowdroid83 says:

I think it's great they support ios. Personally I think they should make their services available to windows phone as well. Although I think the hate on that front runs too deep

Posted from the ONE

The 3.6% market share is the problem. The develop apps for Windows 8 just not Phone since few people use it (so far)

travaz says:

Services should be available to all OS. I think that I am very typical of a lot of connected users these days. A lot of users don't stick to one os. I have android Tablets and phones as well as Blackberry 10 and Blackberry os phones. I have an Ipad mini. I want my apps across all of my devices. They all have different uses and I use them all. I recently came back from a road trip for work and always take my BB10 (Z10) because it is so much better than my Droid Maxx at corporate communication task. When I am done for the day I break out my droid to find things to do. Support them all. I can understand a small company being unable due to resources but Google can darn sure afford it.

If only Google could play as nicely with Microsoft so Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 users weren't also left out in the cold, I'd be totally happy (and vice versa, I don't know who "started" the scuffle between these two, and I really don't care, either -- the only folks who get truly hurt by it are we, the end users, anyways).

I have a combination of Windows 8 and android in my house and wish I could have native Google apps to access the Google services that I rely on daily on ALL of my devices, and not just my android ones. If I stop and think about it, it's rather irksome that iOS users have better access to Google services than Windows 8 users. Web access is OK, but it's not really an adequate substitute a lot of the time, and the alternative apps are not awful, but I'm quite sure Google themselves could do better.

Go to WP Central some time and listen to the number of users who brag about not needing Google services. Most of them call Google evil and are under the impression that Google sells user's personal information (such as their Social Security number).
While this doesn't represent all WP users, it does seem to be a common theme among them. Also, the adoption rate of Windows might be higher now, but still not enough to justify dedicated apps. When you see a commercial that refers to an application, what do you always see? "Available for Apple and Android devices". This attitude is not uncommon, nor is it unjustified.

TenshiNo says:

I've said this on several comments here, but Google has said several times that the issue is that WP8 doesn't support HTML5, and they don't want to write native WP8 code that MS will be able to "peek" at, since they are a direct competitor with Bing.

If MS would stop being morons about supporting things like HTML5 and CSS3 (which they *just* now added to IE) they would have less of a problem right now.

dr.w says:

Its just good business for Google to support iOS devices. They could take the all out war approach and try to kill Apple by cutting off users from Google services. But the fact is third party apps will replace the functionality. However, even if the third party apps didn't come or were somehow blocked by Google out of spite, most iOS users will not switch just to use Google services. That means Google will end up alienating users and potentially losing revenue from the ads they sell, since advertisers won't be able to target iOS users.

So, even in a world without altruism, its makes sense for Google to support iOS devices.

sladyrko says:

I would love now Apple to show some love and release Itunes, or at least Itunes Radio for Android.. Maybe and iMovie, iPhoto.. :-)

Mikeric says:

I believe it is good, especially since most of my family uses ios. This way I can still easily share photos on g+ and use hangouts to video chat with them. It also allows my parents to use their chrome box and chromecast easily still.

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ramonm2 says:

This is just googles way of slowly converting my gf into an Android user. :P

TenshiNo says:

My ex-gf used to get so irritated when I even implied this to her ;)

Hunter Petit says:

Hence the "ex".

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BroRob says:

Isn't this the core of why we love Android? We want the flexibility to have whatever apps we want on whichever ROM we install. Telling iOS and their users to fend for themselves would be hypocritical!

AliffXL says:

Apple is an company that focuses on the hardware first and software/services second. They sell good hardware and the software keeps them into the ecosystem.

Google is an company that forcuses of services/software first and hardware/everything else second. They give people good services for free/cheep and then they sell good hardware via partnerships with hardware manafacturers or sharing source-code for anybody to put into devices.

That said, i kinda wish Apple would release Safari for Android though.

movielover76 says:

ugh, safari is awful.


dan1431 says:

Why would anybody care?

Honestly as I look at it, Google is a company with the purpose of making money and that means making their products available in as many places as possible.

In 2014 whether we like it or not we are "just" customers and our desires do not matter unless it happens to dovetail with the company's goals to make money, otherwise we are just an annoyance so to speak.


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Ikeman90 says:

The hater in me wants to say no google apps for ios! but the reasonable me says sure cuz apple isn't in competition with google directly. and google makes money with ads so more devices, more ads, more money, better android. so we at AC win!!

jrb363 says:

Yes it's a good thing. Only the most stuck up fanboy would only want Google apps on Android. Google supporting as many platforms as possible can only help them grow and strengthen their services.

sequoia462 says:

I wish I could get iTunes on Android so I can have all my music play lists back from my iPod.

richardsoper says:

There is a way to get your iTunes to sync to your android phone. You just have to use doubleTwist. Its a really great app!

TenshiNo says:

There are several pieces of software out there to help you import your iTunes library onto your Android device.

richardsoper says:

Google is first and foremost a software company. It would be insane to isolate a huge portion of its users just because they dont like android.

zackmack7 says:

iOS is a large chunk of the market, and letting all those people access Google's services is a win for them And I think when Google makes iOS apps, it actually helps users get more familiar with Google products. Can it be said that this helps a number of people jump ship and switch to Android devices because they seek more integration and support?

They should, although make their own apps better on their own platform, not equal.


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rmkilc says:

Google should not make iOS apps unless they also make Windows Phone apps. Also, they need to launch new changes or new apps on Android first.

CoolBeit says:

I don't see how this could EVER be bad for users. The only person it MIGHT hurt is google (potentially weakening Android's position), but why should we care? If I decide iOS is better one day, then it'll be nice to switch to that platform and not have to worry about changing all my services. And that in itself will convince google to keep improving Android.

SirD28 says:

Comparing Apple's Closed System vs. Google's Open System is totally unfair comparsion.

Apple - Create iOS for Mobile Devices to sell Hardware, they don't make much money on the software side, so they don't look to open up it services and apps.

Google - Creates Android for Mobile Devices to Ads, they don't make much money on hardware ALA Nexus 5. They want as many people to see Ads and sell those as possible. If they cut out iOS they cut out 40-50% of the mobile space in America. I'm sure that adds up to a decent amount of money.

jeffreytz says:

For me a choice about what phone I use is driven by physical factors (size, display resolution, etc.) and the underlying OS itself (Android, iOS, etc.). Certainly if I was comparing two devices I would check to make sure the apps/services I used were supported on both, or is there an alternative I could "live with".

Currently the only iOS device I own is a third-generation iPad which I rarely use, but its nice to know my Google services are available on it if I do what to use it. Currently Apple doesn't make a phone that meets my requirements, but some day they might, so in for me personally its a good thing Google is making those apps/services available. It also helps me with my friends/family who use iOS while I'm primarily on Android.

EvilMonkey says:

One of the big reasons I stick with Android (and Google services) is that I know that in the future if I switch devices (to iOS which won't happen or to WP which may happen) that my stuff can come with me. Any books I buy or movies I buy are viewable on all my devices (PC, iPad, Android Phone, etc). This is unlike iBooks or iTunes (as far as movies go) where you can't take it with you if you leave the platform.

Admittedly, I do use Kindle for books, but again, my purchases are viewable no matter which device I have.

If Google became a walled-in garden where my purchases could only work if I stick with Android, I'd probably abandon it for something else.

This is also why I look at Android and iOS integration into cars with a skeptical I really want to have to base my car purchase on which phone platform I prefer? Not really. Rather than those exclusive deals, I'd rather it just be an option like 16" vs. 18" wheels: Like I would pick whether I'd rather have an Android entertainment system or an iOS entertainment system in my car, rather than have to pick which car manufacturer to go with because I currently happen to be using the OS the car uses for my phone.

John-Smith says:


hx2 says:

SOME (keyword, being some) Apple Iphone users have this superiority complex, SO HOW DARE THEM want to use Google (Android) apps on their IPhones?

blipp says:

I dont think Google should outright abandon iOS, but i think they should...favor Android a little bit more when it comes to updates. They'll release, lets say, a new Gmail update with a bunch of new features (at least for mobile) on iOS, and Android wont see a comparable update for months, usually because they are waiting on an OS update to release it alongside, maybe because it requires some new API or something in the new Android version.

MarkSeven says:

Yeah becuz it's like doing somebody's girlfriend better than him (*ahem* Maps)..

Grahaman27 says:

No. Not for android.

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SpookDroid says:

I'm all for device-independent and OS-independent services. If I can access a service anywhere I want, the more I'll use said service and the more I'll be willing to pay for it since it just fits my needs.

What I DON'T like, though, is finding iOS apps getting updated before Android's or getting features we're still waiting on (I'm looking at you, voice-only hangouts ¬¬).

rserda says:

I'm good with multi OS support for Google Apps.. as long as ANDROID gets the Apps FIRST... unlike what we've seen in the past where iOS got the latest App version WEEKS before Android did!?!! whaaaaaaa?!

I don't understand how this happens, and it's a massive slap in the face from Google to all android users when it does.

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It's not personal. It's business. If you understood Google's business model, you'd understand why this happens.

Stop being so emo. It's not that big a deal.

technomom says:

It's also a fact that there are two completely different teams working on the iOS and Android versions. Like it or not, the testing for Android takes a lot longer precisely because of the multitudes of devices and form factors of Android and the frag- uh....variety of OS levels.

So, essentially the commenter before you is asking them to hold back the iOS version, which is probably completely through its test cycle to hold back earning money for Google just to spite the iOS user community. Not exactly a sound business practice.

Google should charge IOS users for the apps, nothing's ever really free.

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TenshiNo says:

The "trick" with Google's services being "free" is that you don't even realize that you're helping them make money. They make their money from the advertisers, and el goog has come up with *mostly* unobtrusive ways to show their ads and still be profitable.

Unlike some other web pages who make you click through a "splash" ad, and then multiple popup ads (I'm looking at you, Forbes Finance).

lumpysherman says:

Google apps were the first apps loaded on my iPad. This way I don't have to use icloud and can access all my info from my android devices (Nexus7, LG G2, & GNex).

s2weden2000 says:

I would take them off the store...

... (Oppo F5) ...

Krouget says:

Considering I'm on a windows machine the majority of the time, and prior to that Linux, I'm happy Google expands their services beyond whatever OS they favor (this would be similar to only allowing Google apps on Chrome OS).

So yes, iOS users should get to enjoy Google services, even if they don't embrace the competing Android OS.

Google isn't about Android or iOS or ChromeOS or Windows or anything else. Google is about Ads. Seriously, that's it. Google is all about making sure that as many eyes see as many ads as possible. That is how they make money. So, is Google support for iOS a good thing? YES! The Android community benefits greatly from that!

Ads is still a small business for Google - YOU MEAN SEARCH!

neonworm says:

*facepalm* Searches make sure more people see the ads. This way, whenever someone searches about a particular topic, they can deliver targeted ads to you regarding that topic. So, the reason they make money from searches, is from the ads.

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TenshiNo says:

You are quite mistaken. Google is a marketing and advertising company. Search of a function to get you to look at their ads. YouTube gets you to watch ads. GMail is a way to figure out what ads to show you. Google+ is all of these things.

The more your eye balls are staring at a page that Google made, the more money they make. Really, all their services are just ways to accumulate data to boost the value of their advertising space. That's how they monetize, and keep their services free.

And I'm totally OK with that.

Saturn1217 says:

This is one of my favorite things about google. I HATE the thought of being locked into one operating system. The fact that I can have most of my google ecosystem on my Nexus 7, GNex, iPad and Macbook Air is the reason I choose google over other services such as icloud, ibooks, etc. In fact now that you pose the question this is probably my favorite thing about google services even over android.

Anyone who gets angry about Google supposedly showing preference for iOS over android (which they don't) isn't thinking things through.

Keeps them closer to world domination.

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cerebasan says:

My Moto X is out for repair and i'm using my iPhone 5 as my backup phone. I couldn't live w/o my Google Apps.

NoYankees44 says:

Follow the money trail. As long as IOS has a large enough number of users, Google will support them. Same for everything else including Windows Phone. If and when other platforms such as WP gain enough users, Google will have services on those.

I personally just hate that Google seems to choose the IOS platform over android. There is obviously several reasons why this happens, but it just shows how impartial Google can be for Android. Know this, if and when android looses its usefulness, Google will drop it like a hot potato. They are not interested in developing a platform just to have a platform. They are only interested in have a presences in the mobile market. Android is the answer to that need for now.

vawwyakr says:

Cross platform support is one of the key reasons I like Google over the other players in the field. The fact that they are trying to allow me to choose how I use their services instead of dictating to me how I will be allowed to access their services is what sets them apart. So I think they're doing it right and I hope they do it even more.

How many people refuse to leave Apple because they have all their movies and music stuck in the Apple trap.

havesomejoe says:

I do wish we could get some of the UI magic that iOS Google apps seem to have over Android.

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TenshiNo says:

UI "magic"?

BAlGaInTl says:

"But is this level of support for a competing platform a good idea?"

The question is flawed. Google's platform is not "Android". Google's platform is internet services and advertisement. They can and should develop that platform independent of the operating system. The fact that Google's services are working so well on so many different operating systems is the very reason that they will be relevant well in to the future.

Not forgetting the thing that Google makes nearly all of it's profits from SEARCH!

Well I'm divided,my maine platform is android(nexus 5/7), however I also have an iPod touch 5g for music.honestly if Google locked the apps probably many people would switch to android. From my point of view products like maps,Google drive, YouTube,etc are simply indispensable!

It would be idiotic of them from a business perspective to not offer their goods and services to prospective customers because of platform bias.

curl2k1 says:

I'd say yes. Call it taking the high road if you will.

The only thing I would ask is that the home platform gets the newness first. If that means delaying a release for iOS, then so be it.

patruns says:

What the hell is YouTube Capture and why don't we have it?

On Android we have Movie Studio.

planoman says:

And windows phone too!

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stvo says:

Yes. It prepares us for Android for iPhone in 2025

Timelessblur says:

I find it is a good thing. Just I am not happy when iOS leads android. I will always say Android should lead iOS.

bplewis24 says:

I am absolutely the biggest iOS hater in the world. I hate the company with a passion (even though I can admit the strengths of their platform, where they exist). I will never, ever own an Apple product and only have Nexus devices right now (N10, N7 2013, N5 and Galaxy Nexus).

Having said all of that, I voted that it IS good for them to support iOS. #1 it ruins any attempt to consider Google an "evil" company that operates with a closed platform, and #2 it spurs innovation and competition, which will eventually come back to benefit Android.

The real question is whether they should always release features on Android first, which is something they haven't done in the past.

Incognitum says:

I beg to differ: I have hated apple since my first mac experience in middle-school. I never gave apple a single cent for over 30 years. I didn't think I could hate apple any more, and then my work bought me an ipad and told me I had to become an ios expert to support a new client that gives all of its employees iphones and ipads.

I'm not going to lie, it was shinny. It was the latest model. I was a little bit excited and I tried; I really tried to get into it, but I was plagued from day one. I never had an apple id, and it took over 2 hours of tearing my hair trying to get access to the app store. Error messages that are so generic Googling them doesn't help, no instructions because it's supposed to 'just work'. I finally broke down and asked my girlfriend; she informed me that I had to install itunes on my PC to activate my apple ID before I could use my ipad. What the crap!

Nothing in ios is intuitive if you haven't been immersed in apple's design language for years. Apps I love on Android are crippled in ios, and ios itself is ridiculously limited. simple tasks like changing wifi networks or bluetooth devices become laborious.

Worst of all, it crashes constantly. I have factory reset it several times to no avail, and more often than not when it crashes there's data loss. I can't rely on this device for anything.

After spending time with ios I hate apple more than ever, but now I'll never again be able to say I've never given apple a dollar, because I had to buy and learn several apps that are standard for this client.

I am the biggest ios hater in the world. But it only makes me appreciate Google all the more for not joining them in the mud.

What do apple provide android users with? They don't deserve Google services. Plus if I had an iPhone with no Google, I'd switch to android just for google

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dirtyjudo says:

Call me out if I am wrong. But I am sure Google makes more off iOS than Android.

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Incognitum says:

How do you figure? I can only assume you mean because of Apple's 'dominance' in the smartphone market? If so, it's like you're trying to upset me. Android has a 12% lead over ios in US marketshare, claiming over 50% of the total US smartphone market.

Globally Android has OVER 80% of smartphone marketshare, while apple languishes with a paltry 13%.

In what way could ios be a greater revenue generator for Google than Android? And Google still pays developers to code apps (great apps) for this tiny piece of the market. Google is improving lives of customers (and the value proposition of devices) of a company that has sued all of Google's OEM partners in a concerted effort to kill Android. Google is objectively the better company.

lucas710 says:

Once they (iSheep) realize all the apps there useing are Google apps then maybe they'll wake up and swith to Android goodness. :)

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MrBucket85 says:

The more the merrier! If friends and family don't want to switch to Android I can at least get them on Google Plus and Hangouts to make my life easier.

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amcity32 says:

I voted yes but I'm annoyed because Apple doesn't do the same.

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Incognitum says:

That's exactly what makes Google better; don't stoop to apple's level.

Wicell says:

The way I see it, it's a greasy business strategy. I can't say for certain that it's part of their business plan, but if you think about it, it makes the switch from iOS to Android a little easier for those that switch later down the road. I know quite a few people that are hesitant because they don't want to change everything they use (I'm not wording this right, I apologize, long day).

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Zig261 says:

I say more the opposite. It makes the transition from Android to iOS a little easier in my opinion. I can basically now buy an iPhone and have little to no use of iTunes Music nor Videos outside the App Store. I can still heavily be in the Google ecosystem while using a different platform. The only difference nowdays between Google on iPhone and Android is the level of OS-level integration. But it's not that big of a deal as one realizes. Every Google feature and apps on both platforms are more or less equally functional the same with each other.

If i was ahead of Google I would completely remove Google services from iOS and not just because I'm a andrioid or Google fan and not just because I don't like apple but because I absolutely HATE how apple treats Google and suing them and taking features and google turns around and offers them there services. One thing I was really disappointed to see Google give iOS was Google now. That should have been android exclusive. Google needs to stop being so nice towards apple when apple isn't being nice to google. Makes no kind of sense to me.

Apple isnt suing Google. They sue the OEMs.

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My answer to this isn't one of the answers: Google should support other platforms however some features should be reserved for Android and new features should debut on Android first. Other platforms should not under any circumstances get features before Android.

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TheBlueF0x says:

Exactly. That'd be my only beef. Android should always, always receive the new stuff first, iOS second, and whatever else last.

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Tom Barnes3 says:

I think it is great that Google apps are available cross platform. In a home of multiple platform users Google apps make sharing data etc a streamlined process.

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Tom Barnes3 says:

I think it is great that Google apps are available cross platform. In a home of multiple platform users Google apps make sharing data etc a streamlined process.

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swimrage says:

I could care less except for social apps. I hate the siloing that locks user into one platform only.
"Hey Facetime me, I want to see the baby" "Oh I only Blackberry, I can BBM you" "You know what? How about you use Hangouts. All you have to do is: go to your app store, download the app (no, its free), make an account (ill wait), accept my friend invite. Viola! Oh and stay signed in... all the time." "Never mind Ill just send you a pic message"
open is awesome amirite?

Incognitum says:

There's only one explanation for people who want to see Google horde their apps and services to force people onto their platform to use them:

They MUST be ex-ios users who have finally acknowledged the undeniable superiority of Android (devices and OS), but still want the feeling of smug exclusivity that the apple take-my-ball-and-go-home approach gave them.

Just to be clear: I hate apple and everything they stand for. I think they're a company that is objectively making the world worse. I would secretly feel a little joy if a sink-hole opened up and swallowed the mother-ship with all hands.

...But I would hate Google too if they acted as pettily as apple does.

TheBlueF0x says:

Here's my opinion on the subject, I think that's it's good for Google to produce apps for both Android and iOS.

However, I think that Android should receive new features and the like first. iOS shouldn't be getting a new killer feature with Android users having to wait a couple weeks for it.

Other than that, make apps for both. And if they want to freeze someone out, do it to Microsoft, haha.

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thatguy97 says:

From a consumer standpoint I think yes from a business and profit standpoint I also think yes google should be multiplatform and I think their iOS integration has been good except with the while ios6 YouTube disaster

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Trade Google for Facetime on Android.

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