Galaxy Note Pro

Is $850 for a Wifi tablet too much?

We knew Samsung's PRO tablets would be expensive. Some folks were predicting upwards of $1,000 (we haven't seen the 64GB LTE version of the Note Pro yet) and everyone was expecting a big jump over the "normal" Tabs and Note line from Samsung.

Now we know the price for the Wifi versions. Ranging from $850 for a 64GB Note Pro 12.2 to $400 for the Tab Pro 8.4, the prices are markedly higher than anything we've seen from Samsung before. In fact, the general consensus was that high prices killed HTC's tablet ambitions as well as LG's for a long while.

We have no idea, and only know that something is only worth what people will pay for it. What say you? Let your voice be heard in the poll. You'll find it in the sidebar to the right, or after the break if you're mobile. Make your choice and tell everyone why you feel that way.


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This week's sidebar poll: About that price tag on the Samsung PRO tablets


That just seems nuts to me, whether it's for personal use or business. Most businesses I know won't pop $850 per unit for a full fledged computer and display, much less a tablet.

The 64GB Ipad air costs $700, while the 128GB Ipad air costs $800.
Comparing both 64GB versions, one would be paying $150 more for Android, 2 inches and the Spen.
If a business will not pay the 850 for the Note, it probably wouldn't pay the 700 for the Ipad either, so who is buying the Ipad? Those people could buy the Note...

You two make it sound like business = endless supply of money.

As someone who owns a business and is friends with many business owners, that just ain't true.

Not at all.
I just compared the Note's price with the equivalent sized Ipad price, and noted that it's not that large.
I never said business could buy as many ipads (or notes, for that matter) as they wished for, or anything of the sort.

Exactly. Let's be realistic here, a business user and an Android tablet? And not just any Android tablet, but one priced in the range of a high-end notebook or decent Ultrabook? Not a chance.

People really are delusional when it comes to the relative capabilities of these things. I know it's easy to be enamored by these tiny, cool little gadgets, but they truly are toys when it comes to the capabilities the average business user needs.

Sure, you CAN do stuff in Google Docs, but business users don't have the time or interest in learning a new, more cumbersome and less capable way to do what they already know how to do perfectly well in Office.

Yep, absolutely. I have android tablets just sitting around that I thought I could incorporate into our company, nope, they are basically worthless for business. Still having to use laptops in the vehicles.

Microsoft is yesterday, tablets with Android are the future.

Ask anyone why they use 'Office' and they'll say that's what their business supports.

Then ask them why they pay Microsoft 'cash cow' money when they're attempting to copy Android and Apple table form and function. Only proving once again that Microsoft can only copy the environment, they're not creating anything.

If I have to port EXCEL spreadsheets from the basic Google tool back to my Windows based PC from my tablet for additional functionality it's still a better process than using that freaking Windows 8.n crap consumers are being fed.

Just my 2 cents worth. Move as far away from ever it's perceived.

name another 12.5" tablet on the market?

I think its priced just right because its the only "real" 12.5 inch tablet.

if you compare the note 10.1 2014 edition specs with the note pro 12 specs, they are about the same, maybe the note 10.1 has a slightly better processor since it has two quad cores. So the only difference is screen size, for which they add $300 to the price. So. $300 for 2 inches. I think $700 should have been a maximum for Samsungs standards, if it were any other android OEM who doesn't always overprice products, I think 600 is a reasonable price for a 12 inch tablet.

You're comparing the 16GB Note 10.1 2014 with the 64GB NotePro 12.
We should compare the 32GB versions of both tablets, which cost respectively $600 and $750, a $150 difference, not $300.
It helps that the 10.1 version has only $50 increases in each size bump, while the 12 version seems to have $100 increases...

Cocaine is a helluva drug i think that was the quote , which is what you have to be on to believe the point you are trying to make. No Samsung Tablet is worth 850.00 please GTFOH with that.

At that price, the LTE versions will be the around same price as some high-end laptops. It's ridiculous :\

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Maybe but it's a luxury product.. Nobody is forcing you to buy.. I myself don't see point on owning a tablet, I don't own one.. It's just the initial price, it'll likely come down in 3 months.. If you don't like it, beat it..

Well in everybody's defense the question was asked and we are sharing our opinions. I think it is over priced and I myself am in the market for one but I was hoping for a Galaxy note pro around the 8.4 size.

Anyways we should continue to share our opinions and those that have a problem with us doing so can just quietly move on to the next article.

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For me? Yes, in that price range I'm going to go for a Surface Pro. For someone looking for a large, high end Android tablet? Probably not, what else are you going to find in that category?

My Nexus 7 is fine. So is my iPad 4. Just got my son a Dell Venue Pro 8 Windows for $200 to go with his windows 8.1 laptop, yes $200. My iPad was a prize in a sales contest so not sure how much it cost.

Considering the 8.4 is $50 more than the retail price of the G Pad then I say no, when you look at the spec increase then I think that looks decent value, decent enough for me to pony up for one

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No price for a SAMSUNG is too high PERIOD. Low price tablets suck monkey balls. Period. T-Mobile Period.

You're just the type of customer corporations love - the "here, I don't care what it is, just take my money" kind.

That would be awesome, not finding any conformation though (only one source for all the articles about it).

Boomsound on a 10" would be awesome. Making it a Nexus would be pretty great...

Why do you continue to hurt my feelings with facts? :-D

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Your right, you get a pass on the next fact you throw out there.


I want this rumor to be just as true as the one that they are killing off Nexus phones in a year or so.... it would mean a lot to get HTC back into the game with a bigger product base than just phones...

My dream,a HTC Nexus tablet with a HTC Nexus 6....wait for it.......running KLPie.Let the "they already used K begin" :-D

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Just curious. What is the upside of killing off Nexus phones? I don't really care either way, but I don't see why it would be good.


It's all maybe right now. I am just trying to wrap my brain around why someone wouldn't want a product that pushes high spec lower cost phones out of the market.


Maybe they served their purpose. Google used them to push different things on manufacturers. OG nexus was specs, S was NFC? Galaxy was crappy phones, I mean on screen buttons, 4 was wireless charging and price, and the 5...not much there. If Samsung indeed gets in line with design standards, and the GE phones become the norm, why make a nexus at all? They don't sell many, and Google can worry about coding all the drivers for the GE phones and help updates get out faster for everyone.

That's at least what I think.


The way I see it, one of two things has to happen. The Nexus line was never meant to be a consumer device. It was always meant for developers and development.

As such, it never had to perform well, just perform something. THe camera didn't have to be great, extra software outside of stock was frowned upon (which means no features out of the box, gotta get your own), battery was not a huge concern and so on. It never had to be up to consumer standards, and it was never priced as such.

Now as you know it is becoming more and more popular, mostly because of the price, and you have hit a point where it is piss or get off the pot. You develop a consumer grade device, or you kill it (third option is to make it developer only).

Why kill it?
You are going to give consumers a poor experience and thus potentially throw away customers.

You kill it because your purpose for having it is over. The development environment has advanced to a point where you do not need a device.

You kill it because if you go consumer grade, you are pissing off your OEMs. You kill it because you cannot subsidize the world forever.

You kill it because the OEMs can provide a better "near stock" experience than you are willing to put the time and money into.

Really I went to far with my reasoning, It is jsut not needed anymore. If you want near stock, go GPe. You want cheap Android, you go Moto G (there is a market for it so something will exist).

I see where you are coming from. Personally I don't think I will stick with the Nexus line for me phone, possibly my tablet. But I hope they exist so the option is there. Overall I hope they don't kill them off because then you win :-P

See I LOVE the nexus idea on a tablet. My N7 is pretty awesome, just wish it was a 10" but they seemed to have forgotten that one this year.

I have no problems with GPe going on forever. It is the best of both worlds. A decently consumer device coupled with a stock experience.

No matter what though, in the end we all win as long as progress continues... so there


It costs Google 180 to make a n5. They still make decent money off of them. Instead of constantly speculating on things don't make sense, you should buy a classic muscle car and learn to restore it. That will give you a hands on approach of trial and error and ultimate discipline as well as the satisfaction when you hear your newly restored engine purr.

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For the millionth time,GPE devices are not available in most countries whereas the Nexus is

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It's $150 more than a 64GB iPad Air (wifi only), which has a smaller screen (more than two inches smaller), non-expandable storage, and no enhanced stylus features. I don't think that's unreasonable.

Yeah, but saying that it's not overpriced in comparison to a thing that I think we all agree is overpriced isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.

Apple has every right due their monopoly on iOS.

Samsung uses an ugly, skinned, inefficient version of Android that has a likelihood of not being supported for more than 18 months AT MOST and getting official updates 3-6 months after they've been available on proper Android.

Not to mention the horrendous materials they probably decided to produce this with.

But hey, nobody is forcing us to by it.

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Yes! Nexus 7 or Kindle HDX, if I were to get a tablet. . .

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The n7 is quite awful.

I'm sorry.

I loved it.

It was defective.

I rma'ed it.

The defects came back.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

True. I'm not pleased w mine.
What came back - blue pixels?! In that case I'll get the replacement, sell it and get Samsung 8.4 tab pro or G Pad.

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VZW Moto X

Blue pixels yep.

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That's how much I paid to import the original Galaxy Note (phone). But I wouldn't pay that much anymore now being used to Nexus and Moto prices. Also I'm not interested in Touchwiz.

Price is way too high because the note line is more of a entertainment toy than for actual work...

I bought the 10.1 2014 edition for simple undergraduate college work and it just wasn't good enough... Felt like a big phone more than anything...

Some of the reasons why :
Lags... Especially when multitasking.

Word apps... It's a pain to print a word document and have the format correct..

Keyboard - bought a keyboard but it just shuts off every couple minutes And no TouchPad

For the price you can get a surface pro for work... Or a really good laptop..

If this was 400 or less I think I could make it work for school. But over 800 it's not worth it.

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W my interests and use, I wouldn't pay more than 350$ for tablet of any size. Actually, until recently I thought them superfluous. Now we have 2 and use them a lot. So, it's all subject to change.
Obviously, that line is marketed for different folks and needs, so it's hard to tell what are they willing to pay. Even w it's superior features and performance, It still feels little too high on this side.

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VZW Moto X

For that price it better not be made out of plastic, better not lag or stutter like most if not all Touchwiz devices do, get every android update pushed to it the day Google pushes out to Nexus devices( yes that will never happen but for that price it should, there are no carriers holding it back) I think Samsung has lost their minds pricing them way out of most consumers pockets. Lets see how they market it, I'm sure at least the Note to business people but businesses won't spend that kind of money on a tablet with so many choices out now.

If you ask us, everything is too expensive and want cheaper. Maybe you should compare similar product with similar price and ask "what would you choose?"

But I think price seems about right. High dense resolution..pretty new.. But I'm waiting for nexus 10 second gen.. Not so sure it will be out but my price range is about $400 - $500. Maybe I'd pick tab pro 8.4

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Remember, this is the company that brought us the Galaxy Gear. "Overpriced" is just another word for "wtf were they thinking?!?"

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I wanted to complaint about the price, but I did paid almost $900 for the Motorola Xoom/Verizon LTE...... That does not change the fact that I believe is still very pricey considering that you could get a good Netbook with touch screen for around that same price.

Well since Samsung has a thing for copying Apple, why not try a wallet raping also in order to complete their norm, loll.

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I'll wait about 2-3 months by then hopefully we'll know if HTC will be making a Nexus tablet.

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I prefer Android but what exactly can it do better than an iPad or Surface Pro? I know that there are uses for the iPad in the business, health , and music production environment because of the apps. What android apps are there for this use? Sure it has better specs but with the new UI that includes live widgets then I'm sure it will still lag a bit. I know there's multi window for multi tasking but is it worth this much money? I'm happy with my 2012 nexus 7. Don't know what else Android can do to justify this price.

The iPad...lots... The surface pro... Nothing. Get the surface.

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Especially when you are unsure if the device will be supported after a year. For example, Note 10.1=$500=4.1. No thanks Samsung.

I am Aquaman!

I wouldnt discount the update coming but you are absolutely right. It is pitiful that it is not out there yet

I guess I'm in the minority. As a pastor by day and computer tech by night, the note pro is going to be in my hands next week. Price seems Ok to me considering I only paid 65.00 less for my note 3 retail.

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It makes no difference what we (consumers) think the price should be. Samsung can charge any price they want (welcome to the free-market). The real, and only question is, will consumers purchase these tablets at these prices? I'm thinking the price equilibrium for these products are considerably lower. I believe Android is still viewed as the cheaper Apple alternative with strong value. I am nearly certain Samsung will see very sluggish sales on a the pro line as Android is no where near ready to take the Apple crown.

In the end, it makes sense from the profit standpoint to try what Samsung is doing with pricing. This is the only way to effectively test to see if the market can bare a higher price. "Create" a "pro" line which is just a tablet with the latest specs (something they would have done anyway eventually)and try and sell the consumer that this is "more professional" than other tablets that will enter the market within a month or so with the same specs. Ahh, good ole marketing. The prices will fall fairly quickly when sales are slow and none will be the wiser. Unlike earlier attempts to go for higher tablet prices, Samsung is well positioned at the lower price points if (more like when) this fails. Should be little risk for Samsung as consumers will be delighted to pick up these "pro" (have to love marketing buzz words)tablets when they drop price and Samsung will still make a great profit even at significantly reduced prices.

I have noticed something else though. I'm thinking there will be no Nexus 10 (or 8 for that matter). I think Google is making a statement by selling off Moto and long term licencing agreements point to one conclusion in my mind. OEMs said "we can't get max profit (Apple type profits) if you keep selling subsidized tablets". I think what has happened in the past couple weeks is to show OEMs that Google is going to concentrate on the O/S and completely leave Android tablet hardware to OEMs that can now go for much higher prices because there will be no alternative at the high end. If I'm right, the Nexus 7 tablet was the last Nexus tablet you will see. I'll be interested to see how other OEMs respond to Sammy's pricing. Will they enter the new generation tablet market with "pro" or similar max profit tablets (to maximize their profit with no Nexus to undercut them) or undercut Samsung and actually do a little damage and grab a some market share on the upper end while Sammy cuts prices. I know what I would do if I were making the decision.

Oh as far as spirited responses (very few would accept the possible demise of the beloved Nexus), feel free to launch your heart into responses but I won't be back to read them. I am neglecting my work to write this response. I won't have time to get back here anything soon. Enjoy

I saw the price and decided I didn't need that much tablet. So, I went out yesterday and bought a Nook HD+ 9" that I rooted and loaded CM11 (4.4.2) onto. It's working just fine. Oh, and the price? $180.

It would be really cool if they could do something with the 12.2 like the Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid. When it's hooked up to your computer, it's a Wacom tablet, when it's unhooked it's an android tablet. That would make it worth more. As it is though, they should price it the same price as the 64GB Wifi iPad and sell it head to head. That way they they can say "For the same price as the iPad you get more!".

I guess I'll wait a few months and see what the factory refurbished ones sell for when they show up. You can get a Note 10.1 16GB 2014 for $389 on Google Goods right now. That's about the price I always thought that one should be.

There was a Note Pro 12.2 pre order promotion here for 12 days from Jan 22nd to Feb 2nd.During this promotion the 1st 500 buyers got a Samsung Gamepad,Samsung Tablet Cover and a Samsung Bluetooth Speaker included FREE.

On the last day of the pre order promotion the 500 limit was still not reached.

The Note Pro 12.2 is over $200 more than the Note 10.1 2014.

The Samsung Note Pro 12.2 Magsline MX UI can't be removed

On the bright side of things,a new law in South Koreathat goes into affect in April, states that telcos are required to make most of their pre-installed apps deletable except for four necessary items related to Wi-Fi connectivity, near-field communication (NFC), the customer service center and the app store.

If people think this is a good price, then nobody should ever talk about the high price of the Surface Pro! Because i remember when it came out all the fucking comparison with the Ipad, which didn't even make sense!

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It costs more than my gaming laptop.

So, a no-go for now.

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For that price, anyone in their right mind would go for an ultrabook if they need portability. And for a tablet, cheap and cheerful is fine, Nexus 7 is awesome.

I won't buy another tablet at any price. Still can't find the utility.

I've tried. I've really tried.

When I can spend less on a laptop that will do much more than this tablet, then yes, it is WAY too high. The extra features and capability better be mind-blowingly better than the $399 tablet competition or it won't sell very well.

Watch out Samsung, Apple will come suing you again for using their idea of selling an overpriced ultraspec tablet.

The same as I'll never buy an iPad, I will never pay that much for a tablet. I know never is a long time, but $850? No way.

Too high. My Sony Xperia Tablet Z was cheaper and I'm betting still made better than a Samsung. Love my Tablet Z. Seriously a nice piece of hardware.

If Samsung took the advice of most of the people on this site they would probably be out of business right now.

Reading these comments about Touchwiz being a fail, the dislike of the materials used on their products, the price of their devices being too high, and a host of other negatives would make someone who didn't know any better think they must not be selling anything.

Well, we all know that despite the dislike many of you all have for Samsung and it's Tocuhwiz, use of material on its products, and their pricing structure, Samsung continues to be the #1 Android OEM, making billions of dollars of profit for their stakeholders.

You or I may not fully understand the thinking behind much of what Samsung is doing with their product line, pricing structure, or design and material choices, but we'd be foolish to believe that they are just making it up as they go along.

Samsung knows exactly what they are doing. Despite the problems many of the people on this site, and others have with Samsung, the folks at Samsung have concentrated their efforts, and have seemingly hit upon, what the everyday Joe & Jane consumer want. And the result is seen in their profits.

HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and every other Android OEM would probably give anything to have the "problems" Samsung has.

So while we sit and take time to complain about Samsung and the price they have determined to charge for their "Pro" line of tablets, in the end, they may not sell many to the likes of folks on this website, but I suspect they will achieve what they set out to do.

Someone suggested it in an earlier post. For all we know, this could be a test to see if they could further distance themselves from the many cheap Android tablets flooding the market, and position themselves, in the mind and wallet of the everyday consumer, as the only real Android tablet OEM.

The frugality of 99% of android users

Is too damn high

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I tend to agree with u here. Not that anyone should be faulted for frugality but I can imagine how much we waste a year on temporal things that leave us with nothing to show for it when it's done. Here in Wisconsin a pack of Marlboro is 8.00 and change, for a non heavy smoker that's 1 pack a week or around 416.00 for the year. Many folks are easily buying two or three packs. Same goes for beer, soda, fast food, entertainment like concerts etc... I'm not demonizing the practice of others just trying to provide perspective. My vice is a geeky gadget and based on my caution and care it is a lot more sustaining than other ways people tend to waste money and it's right on par, if not cheaper pricewise. It's all about perspective, priority and personal choice.

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I'm not frugal; I'm poor.

But I don't turn around and buy tattoos, body piercings, expensive shoes, clothes, the latest smartphone EVERY TIME, cigarettes, beer, or even cable TV either.

I have a few nice things, but no expensive habits/addictions.

Well I'm not poor, I'm frugal. But I agree with your point lol. I'm frugal in most areas because I want to give myself allowance for things like this.

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The size of the price should be much less of a shock than the size of the actual device. Plunk the Note 10.1 (or any iPad) on top of it and the point is made - by a stunned silence. This thing is B-I-G! With this physical size and features, should one compare it to the Yoga?

An issue that shocked me with the Note 10.1-2014 was the micro USB 2 port (unlike the Note 3 micro USB3). One has to ask: "WHY Sammy!" They have fixed that on the 12.2 version; they need a little more design time.

It will be very interesting to see what kind or user this will attract. It's not a hand held device; even on your lap this thing will seem big. I wonder if the Note 12.2 Pro should come with a table stand, or a built in one. Table or Desktop seems to be it's natural home. Come to that, has anybody seen the physical keyboard?

Awesome A C

For $850 I'll rather get a Surface Pro or a laptop WITH a touchscreen for that price. Plus you probably want see an update for this tablet for a year with that heavy skin

Remember people this is a 64gb for 850 so we can't compare it to a price of a 16gb tablet which I wouldn't be surprising other tablets at 64gb are also around this expensive. Btw I think in general all tablets are usually overpriced but compared to other tablets with the same or similar spec and size the price isn't anything out the ordinary

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